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 +====== Wiki Know How ======
 +[[http://​lifebushido.wikispaces.com/​Client%20Services|{{::​wiki_line.jpg?​nolink&​806}}]]\\ ​
 +====== What is a Wikispace? ======
 + A Wikispace, in simple terms, is a group of web pages with “edit” buttons on them. You can collaborate with anyone you choose on your wikispace. You may want a place to keep information about your organization,​ or to easily manage your team's schedules. Wikispaces is simple enough for anyone to use, but has enough sophistication so that you can be creative and get things done.\\ ​ If you are looking for more about what a wiki is, Common Craft has a simple and clear explanation. Take a look at their [[http://​www.commoncraft.com/​video-wikis-plain-english|video]].\\ \\ 
 +====== How do I edit a page? ======
 + Each editable page on Wikispaces has an "Edit This Page" button at the top of the page. Sometimes the button will look slightly different or be in a different place but it should always be easily recognized. Click on this button to bring up the page editor. The page editor allows you to add text and pictures to a page and to format that page.\\ ​
 +| {{http://​help.wikispaces.com/​file/​view/​Help.Editing_Button.png|Help.Editing_Button.png}} |
 +| Help.Editing_Button.png |
 +====== What is the difference between the "​visual"​ editor and "​text"​ editor? ======
 + The Wikispaces editor has a visual mode and a plain text mode. The visual editor lets you see the final look and feel of a page before you save it. It's just like using a word processor. The text editor allows you to edit the raw wikitext of a page. It's useful when you want to get under the hood and tinker. We support the visual editor in Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox 1.5 and 2.0. If your browser does not support the visual editor we will automatically load the text editor for you.\\ ​ Click here to learn more about working in the [[help.text_editor|Text Editor]].\\ \\ 
 +====== How can I format text? ======
 + When you are in the Edit mode for a page, you will see options on the toolbar at the top of the page. You can bold, italicize, underline, and bullet text; format text in various headings; or add a horizontal line break to your page. You can also change the font, color, alignment, or size of your text. To learn more about this, see the [[help.editing#​advformatting|following section]].\\ ​
 +| {{http://​help.wikispaces.com/​file/​view/​help.editor-toolbar.png|help.editor-toolbar.png}} |
 +| help.editor-toolbar.png |
 +\\  If would like to learn more about formatting text in our text editor, see our [[help.wikitext|wikitext page]].\\ \\ 
 +====== Can I change the color or size of text on my wiki page? ======
 + ​Wikispaces gives you the ability to format the font, color, and size of text on your page as well as to align text. To do so,\\ 
 +  - Click "Edit This Page."
 +  - Highlight the text you wish to change
 +  - Go to the text formatting icon in the toolbar
 +  | {{http://​help.wikispaces.com/​file/​view/​help.textcolor.gif|help.textcolor.gif}} |
 +  | help.textcolor.gif |.
 +  - Here you will have the option to change the font style, font size and color, the background color for the font, or the alignment of the text.
 +| {{http://​help.wikispaces.com/​file/​view/​help.formatting-text.png|help.formatting-text.png}} |
 +| help.formatting-text.png |
 +\\  If you know CSS, you can switch to the "​Advanced Mode" of the formatting tool and easily alter the CSS of the highlighted text.\\ ​
 +====== How do I add a symbol to my page? ======
 + If you would like to add a special character to the page, such as a Euro sign € or superscript number ⁷, click "Edit This Page" and click on the Special Character icon 
 +| {{http://​help.wikispaces.com/​file/​view/​help.special_char.gif|help.special_char.gif}} |
 +| help.special_char.gif |
 + in the toolbar.\\ ​
 +====== Can I build my wiki in a language other than English? ======
 + ​Wikispaces stores all pages and message data in UTF-8. This means that you can build your wiki in nearly any language on earth and it will appear correctly.\\ \\ 
 +====== How do I add or remove a link on my page? ======
 +  - Click "Edit This Page."
 +  - Highlight the text you wish to link and click the chain-link icon in the toolbar to add a new link.
 +  - Another window will come up with an option to create a link to a page in your wiki or to another website or wikispace. If you create a link to a page which hasn't yet been edited, the page name will be red. If the page already exists, the page name will appear green.
 +  - To remove a link in the visual editor, put the cursor on the link, or highlight the link, and hit the broken chain-link icon.
 +| {{http://​help.wikispaces.com/​file/​view/​help.wikilink.PNG|help.wikilink.PNG}} |
 +| help.wikilink.PNG |
 +====== How do I edit a link already on my page? ======
 +  - Click "Edit This Page."
 +  - Double click the link you wish to edit.
 +  - The link tool will pop up and you can change your link there.
 +====== How do I add a link to a place within my page? ======
 + You can do this by adding an anchor to your page. To learn more about how these work, see our [[help.wikitext_links#​anchor|wikitext anchor]] section.\\ ​
 +====== How do I spell check my work on the wiki? ======
 + Some browsers, including Firefox 2, have built in spell checkers, where misspelled words will be underlined in red. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can download a spell check browser extensions, such as [[http://​www.iespell.com/​|ieSpell]] .\\ \\ 
 +====== How do I make a new page based on a template? ======
 + If you already have a template:​\\ ​
 +  - Click "New Page" in the left sidebar.
 +  - Select the template to start from. (For Team Leader pages, select "Team Leader Template"​)
 +  - Create your new page.
 +  - You can then edit your page based on the template or save it as is.
 +| {{http://​help.wikispaces.com/​file/​view/​help.template-use.png|help.template-use.png}} |
 +| help.template-use.png |
 +\\ \\ 
 +====== Still have questions?? Try the "​Help"​ link at the top right of this page, or down below! ======
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