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 +{{file/​view/​bab_logo-1.gif/​53832660/​220x75/​bab_logo-1.gif|bab_logo-1.gif}}\\ ​ verson 2/7/13 \\ [[client|Client ]]- Home Page\\ \\  Here you will find a list of the vendors we've found that offer a voice mail to email service and the cost associated with each. If you have other services of the same kind you use, that aren't listed here, please feel free to share with [[mailto:​Teams@bestagentbusiness.com|Teams@bestagentbusiness.com]].\\ \\ **Vender Name - Link to Site - Cost and Brief Description**\\ 
 +\\ **YouMail** - http://​www.youmail.com/​home/​index - YouMail does not charge for its basic service, but carrier **message and data rates may apply** if you choose to enable YouMail TXT Alerts to receive SMS notification of voicemails and/or missed calls. YouMail and YouMail TXT Alerts are available on AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile and many other U.S. carriers.\\ \\ **Google Voice** - https://​www.google.com/​voice - Google Voice is free and enhances the existing capabilities of your phone, regardless of which phone or carrier you have. It sends transcribed messages to your inbox.\\ \\ **eVoice -** https://​www.evoice.com/​homePage.html - eVoice offers a free 30 trial offer and then has a choice of three plans: $9.95/month for 300 minutes, $19.95/​month for 500 minutes, or $29.95/​month for 1000 minutes. eVoice is a phone system that automatically answers every call with a professional greeting and routes them to your office, cell phone, home—or any number, so you'll never miss a call. eVoice sends your voicemail to email, transcribes your voice messages, screens your calls and allows you to work from anywhere.\\ \\ **MaxEmail** - http://​www.maxemail.com/​max/​lp/​rc/​v001/​index.cgi?​lg=007- Free 30 day trial, then $9.95/month for up to 250 messages. Plans increase from there. Choose a free voice mail number, set up your account, and start receiving voice mail.\\ \\ **Access Direct** - http://​www.messagingservice.com/​Voicemail-to-email.htm - Access Direct offers a basic plan of $19.95/​month or $9.95/year ($119.40 prepaid annually.) Voice mails will be delivered to you in your regular email account. You will receive prompt notification on your cell phone for every new voicemail arrival.\\ \\ **K7.net Unified Messaging** - http://​www.k7.net/​ - K7 is a free messaging system that channels your free voicemail and fax messages directly to your e-mail. K7 Unified Messaging provides you with a free phone number. This number enables you to have your voicemail messages and faxes delivered directly to your computer. You also have the option to view and listen to your messages on the K7 Web site. After set-up, must use at least one every 30 days or account is terminated.\\ \\ **Onebox** - http://​www.onebox.com/​signup/​- Onebox is free for 30 days, then for the basic 2000 minute plan it's $49.95/​month,​ and increases from there. This service offers more than voice mail to emails, including auto-attendant,​ professional greetings, voicemail, online faxing, conferencing,​ mobile apps and a simple web interface that allows you to easily manage all of your business communications.
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