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 +{{file/​view/​BAB%20Logo%20Curly%20Triangle.jpg/​456407626/​143x71/​BAB%20Logo%20Curly%20Triangle.jpg|BAB Logo Curly Triangle.jpg}}\\  
 +==== **Systems Team** ==== 
 +\\  \\ \\  Our Systems Team has been designed to help manage the day-to-day, week-to-week tasks that can become overwhelming nice and organized. Systems can track and manage many aspects of your business. Each week you would receive a weekly report summarizing the data that is being tracked for your review. We use our Systems Team internally to ensure all client work is being done and we are currently tracking over 10,000 various items/​aspects of both internal and client needs\\ \\  To learn more about Systems Team meeting your specific needs, ask your Key Assistant and they are more than happy to help.\\ ​ If you are not currently a client, we encourage you to email [[mailto:​sales@bestagentbusiness.com|sales@bestagentbusiness.com]] and request a call with Steve Kantor and he will gladly help brainstorm ideas.
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