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 +Stop Wasting LeadsCalling Team\\ ​ Created by Sherilyn Faulhaber on 12/​13/​2016\\ ​ Last Updated: 12/14/16\\ \\  This wiki outlines the Calling Plan to help clients to stop wasting leads. Lead callers on all calling accounts will be accountable to maintain this system for all clients they are lead caller for. Lead caller will be responsible for not only the leads being followed by Best Agent Business, but also for leads being managed by the client or agents within the client'​s office.\\ \\ __**New Client - Prestart**__\\ \\ 
 +  - When Client is announced, Accounting should include client'​s email signature
 +  - LMA assigned should immediately add client to daily log
 +  - A BDS should be done and attached to client'​s agenda for all lead sources
 +  - Logins for all lead systems should be entered into QB in a timely manner
 +  - KA should coordinate KO call and have client complete calling analysis and agreement prior to KO call **(CONSIDER SENDING WITH BAB AGREEMENT TO EXPEDITE PROCESS AND DECREASE EMAILS TO CLIENT)**
 +  - Kick Off call should be scheduled after BAB KO call is completed to allow time for db analysis for Stop Wasting Leads on Calling side
 +\\ __**Database Analysis - New Client - Calling Team Leader**__\\ \\ 
 +  - We will analyze the client'​s database by manually logging in to review and ongoing through routine reviews of Business Data Spreadsheets
 +  - Analyst will login and review all lead sources and write up an overview of database
 +  - Overall coding of db will be reviewed and commented upon
 +  - New lead flow will be checked, and how quickly they are called will be notated
 +  - Quality of notes will be notated
 +  - Number of dial attempts being made to reach new leads live will be notated
 +  - Number of new leads not contacted will be notated
 +  - Number of A leads, both buyer and seller (on client side) will be notated
 +  - Number of A leads not current with agent interaction will be notated
 +  - Backlog (number of active leads, B/C status) with past due NCDs or no NCD or follow up will be notated
 +  - For CRM/IDX systems, trash will be reviewed for active leads, and number of active leads will be notated and suggestion for handling will be included
 +  - Analyst will determine appropriate number of calling hours to a) bring DB current and b) maintain pipeline and new lead flow
 +  - After Client Calling Analysis is returned, BAB budget will be determined with consideration of in house calling consistently being done
 +  - If BAB budget is not adequate to maintain, in combination with in-house hours, client will be encouraged to upgrade, or to increase calling hours on their side
 +  - A baseline dials and lives per hour will be calculated based upon calling source and use of dialer when applicable. This rate may be increased or decreased after calling ko call depending on administrative tasks that are part of the specific client'​s systems document
 +  - Calling TL or Mentor or Caller Assigned will Mystery Shop the agent and report on results with feedback
 +  - Results will be discussed during BAB KO call
 +\\ __**Client/​SOI - Stop Wasting Leads - Calling Team Leader**__\\ \\ 
 +  - Nurturing and management of Client/SOI leads will be discussed on KO call
 +  - If client is not physically calling these leads, Calling TL will encourage and offer BAB support in dialing these leads to increase referral and repeat business
 +  - Client should focus on calling A clients and SOI and allow agents/BAB to call B/C clients and SOI
 +  - If Clients/SOI in db are not coded to BAB specs, it will be suggested that client do so for more effective management of these leads
 +  - Everyone committing to a consistent amount of calling per week for client will be added to the Daily Log system for accurate tracking of overall calling
 +  - In House callers not making weekly minimum budget calling hours will be held accountable and escalated to client for accountability
 +  - In House callers that consistently do not make budget will be asked to reduce commitment of time, and client will reduce their lead flow to reflect new hour commitment
 +\\ __**Database Analysis Updates - Current Client - Lead Caller Role**__\\ \\ **Weekly**\\ ​
 +  - Lead caller will review Daily Logs looking for unusually low conversion rate, dials per hour, lives per hour
 +  - Lead caller will review Golden Egg Database to verify callers are holding clients accountable for escalated leads
 +  - Lead caller will review NCDs at the beginning and end of each week to be sure they are kept current and hold either the caller or client accountable for not making scheduled calls. On the client side, LMA should be sending a WLR to all on their side that have NCDs due. For databases such as TP, LMA will send WLR to lead caller for ease of viewing what NCDs are due. For CRM/IDX systems, lead caller should manually log in and review.
 +  - Lead caller will review status of all Buyer/​Seller leads in ALL database/​CRM/​IDX systems the client has, not just system caller is calling from
 +  - Lead caller will alert Calling Team Leader if there are inadequate hours to cover lead flow, or if NCDs are not being kept up, either due to lack of hours or due to lack of completion of committed hours on either side. Low stats will also be escalated on either side.
 +\\ **Calling Analysis Request**\\ \\ 
 +  - Lead caller will request a Calling Analysis at 25 hours, 50 hours, 100 hours, or as needed due to results not hitting markers
 +  - Initial Analysis will show a higher dead/lost ratio in databases that have not been well maintained by the client
 +  - By 50 hours, the dead/lost ratio should start to steadily decline, and the pipeline should steadily increase
 +  - Percentage A leads should show a consistent increase as we move along in calling hours. If this marker is not increasing, TL should do another full evaluation of the client'​s system
 +  - Copy of Calling Analysis will be sent to TL, Steve and Mentor for the caller
 +  - Calling TL will review and share with client. If results are not on target, a call will be scheduled to make adjustments to calling system, either on BAB side, client side or both to increase conversion and stop wasting leads.
 +\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\
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