Working With Your Marketing Assistant

Your Marketing Assistant (MA) is a creative professional focused on using marketing to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your business.

You will attend a Marketing Kick Off Call, during which your MA will gather information, inform you about ways we can help and give you a next step to getting your marketing services moving. At least 3 business days before your Marketing Kick Off Call, send your MA the following items:

  • Logo/s
  • Phone number you want listed on marketing pieces
  • High-resolution headshot
  • All marketing-related logins
  • If BAB will handle postcards for you, send examples of previous postcard/s or examples of a few that you like
  • List of any slogans or required verbiage to be included on marketing collateral
  • Wishlist of marketing items you’d like BAB to handle for you
  • List of all current marketing activities for your business

We value strong relationships with our clients. Here are some key points to smooth sailing with your MA:

  • Reply to approval requests and marketing communications within 1 business day. Delays in replying can interrupt your MA’s creative flow and slow down your marketing work.
  • Communicate with your MA. We want you to have a great experience. Open communication helps your MA meet your marketing needs. Always send messages to your MA via email; please do not text. Using email allows us to maintain communication continuity across our teams.
  • If you dislike something your MA creates for you, respond with specifics instead of, “I don’t like it.” Giving details helps make the process more efficient.
  • We love to brainstorm! If you see something marketing-related that you love, email your MA and KA about it. We might be able to do something similar for you (if it’s marketing related, we probably have a ninja for that). Feel free to schedule a call to brainstorm ways to leverage marketing to grow your business.

In turn, you can expect the following from your MA and the Marketing Team:

  • 1 business day, or less, wait time for email replies
  • A courteous attitude
  • Professionally sound recommendations from experienced marketing folks
  • Innovative problem solving customized to your needs

Before you go, a note about the first 100 days with us:

It’s our goal to have your marketing running like a well-oiled machine at day 100, but we need you to partner with us to make it happen. Over the first 10 weeks, expect to spend an hour per week “with us”. About half that time will probably be communicating with us, with the remainder of time spent reviewing marketing items we send to you for approval or feedback. As with many things, the “pain” comes before the reward. But then… Hello, day 100. Hello, marketing bliss.

If you have questions not answered on this page, please reach out to your Marketing Assistant or Key Assistant.

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