Are you looking for new ways to connect with potential customers online using one of the biggest residential real estate marketing networks around? Are you ready for the potential to drive more traffic to your website through increased exposure of your listed properties? Do you want to establish yourself as an active, personable and reachable agent in your geographic area? Then it's time your real estate business signed up to Trulia!

Trulia/Zillow is one of the largest real estate-based MLS Search sites Trulia/Zillow has extensive community and regional market information available which you can access for your own use, as well as news and insights which many home sellers and buyers look for.

Getting your listings included in major property search platforms is a key way to increase your SOI reach and enhance your marketed branding to a wider network. Trulia/Zillow members increase their exposure to buyers who are looking for a home online.

Trulia/Zillow is also an excellent source for newsletter and blog materials or for creating social posts, which can help you keep your online exposure active and consistent.

Trulia/Zillow is one of the best online tools you can utilize as an agent when it comes to building your online presence in your marketing, allowing you to reach more potential clients.

There are numerous other benefits to having a profile account with Trulia/Zillow including access to leads via ZIP and extensive market data for your region.

Are you ready to join Trulia? Best Agent Business can help! Contact your Key Assistant or Marketing Assistant to get started.

Here are the tasks we'll complete to startup your Trulia/Zillow account.

  • Set up your Trulia/Zillow profile and account; your MLS Agent ID Number will be needed to verify your MLS information and complete your profile set up.
  • Fill out your Trulia/Zillow profile, complete with your website address and existing social media links
  • We’ll review which features of Trulia/Zillow you want to use and get them up and running for you.
  • We'll continue with Listing updates and incorporating articles and insights from Trulia/Zillow to your social media posts if you choose to use this as a regular source for posting.
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