Weekly Online Marketing

We spend 1-2 hours each week improving your online presence which includes one or more of the following tasks: improving or creating profiles for the recommended sites below, social media posts and blogging. Best Agent Business recommends that every client have the following created or up-to-date to improve overall online presence:

This is a list of additional social media sites that will help improve your overall online presence. These are sites to begin marketing to after the recommended sites are up and running.

For all clients, we start with a brief online marketing review to identify your current online marketing mix on Google and standard platforms. We'll send you a PDF of your Online Marketing Review prior to your Marketing Kickoff call. This allows you to review and be prepared on the call. During the Marketing Kickoff call, you can identify which sites are your top priority for us to start with first, or we can start with ones we feel are a top priority. We will complete 1-2 hours of weekly online marketing work to improve your online presence, sending you updates weekly of our progress.

Our Marketing Team reviews your online company and personal image to develop a 10-week marketing plan, spending 1-2 hours each week completing the following: improving or creating profiles on platforms until they are current, and/or adding content which can be blog posts, social media posts or a combination.

You’ll see that we’ve rated your Core Marketing sites as either an A, B, or C.

  • A - The site is in good shape, and posts have been made regularly.
  • B - The site either needs an update, or there are no regular posts.
  • C - We didn’t find a site and one needs to be created, or the site needs to be both updated and have regular posting resumed.

Over the 10 week's we'll spend 1-2 hours updating each site, creating a profile for the site or create social media posts and blogs.

If many of your sites aren't appearing at the top of a Google search, we'll let you know. This may require a Google Analysis to determine the cause.

Online Marketing Review Examples:

Blogging sites such as WordPress, Trulia, and ActiveRain attract both buyers and sellers in real estate markets by offering fresh, up-to-date written information for prospective clients as well as visual images that capture their attention. Best Agent Business helps agents capitalize upon this potential through researching and writing blogs, and providing links to pertinent information about the agent, his or her listings, and the geographical region.

Blogs are typically 300-600 words in length and are written from the agent's point of view. They deal with topics ranging from household “how to's” to information on specific real estate markets to more general information about the area and its attractions. No matter what the topic may be, the posting will have a real estate spin and use a positive, upbeat tone.

We love to blog! Take a look at some of the blogs we've written:

Social Media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business and Twitter offer our clients an excellent starting point for expanding their visibility on the Web. Postings are small, easily digestible bites of information that tempt users to discover more about the agent, the agent's geographical region, and his or her listings.

Best Agent Business helps our clients establish a social media presence by setting up professional sites and managing their postings in such a way as to generate more Web traffic that will expand their user base. This includes researching agents' areas for interesting news and events, posting their listings from their websites, market updates or anything else the agent would like posted on a daily or weekly basis. We often post blog teasers to these sites as well. In addition, we can help you extend your advertising reach with Pay Per Click Advertising.

Take a look at examples of social media posts we can be creating for you!

In today's real estate markets, 85% of homebuyers find their agents online. In addition, Internet-based listings services are often the first stop buyers make as they embark on their search for a new home.

The Best Agent Business offers Website Services to make our agent clients as visible and accessible as possible by designing and maintaining professional websites for them. In addition, we offer Search Engine Optimization services (SEO) to drive more user traffic toward these sites.

Below you'll find screenshots of previous website work completed.

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My Best Business Life

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