Instagram may not need an introduction like some other social media platforms. With over one billion registered users worldwide sharing photos it would be more difficult to find someone who doesn't know what Instagram is. But how can it be used for your real estate business? Leverage the Instagram network by creating a hashtag and username which is consistent with your brand marketing and use it on everything you post online. It will become your signature and a way for users to readily recommend you simply by following and liking your posts labeled with your brand. The good news is that Instagram is a new trend for Realtors® so why not get ahead of the game?

Instagram launched in 2010 for iOS only and then was quickly developed for users across all operating systems and platforms with full capability on mobile devices and limited capabilities for Windows. In the day and age of smartphones, information has approximately 4 seconds to get a user’s attention. This applies even when a user is looking for information a specific company has to offer. The focus on visual posts as a first impression makes Instagram the perfect platform to grab people's attention with captivating, unique and exciting images. Add to these brief description captions, including the type information people are actively searching for, and Instagram can help lead users to your full post your profile, which in turn can lead more people to your website.

The reach of a public profile on Instagram goes far beyond geographic boundaries, yet the geotagging feature allows for specific posts by the region or even the neighborhood in which a post is about. Hashtags add additional keyword tagging for gaining the attention of people who are interested in what you have to offer. There's no cost to set up your profile. You can use Instagram posts in conjunction with other social media sites, sharing the post across platforms. For example when Instagram is connected With Nextdoor, You Can…

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Drive traffic to your website within specific communities
  • Show your unique personality through visual representation
  • Share successes of sellers and the joy of buyers giving you instant credibility through photos
  • Reinforce your interest in the market and the community or areas you serve
  • Show that you are social media savvy and you care about your reputation as a Realtor®
  • Share your direct knowledge about the services you provide

Get started with creating or reconfiguring your Instagram account today! Best Agent Business can help! Contact your Key Assistant or Marketing Assistant to get started.

Here are the tasks we'll complete to claim or create your branded Instagram profile. We'll continue to monitor your profile weekly for new reviews and any updates to photos or other pertinent information.

  • Set up your account or check your existing profile for completeness and accuracy
  • Fill out your Instagram profile, complete with your website address to link from your bio
  • Upload photos to personalize your profile
  • Answer your questions on how to use Instagram, including what and how to post and how to use hashtags for the best results
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