Google Analysis

The ultimate goal for any business owner is to have their website(s), social media sites, and other sites appear at the top of Google when performing a Google search.

Best Agent Business can perform a Google analysis to see where your business appears in searches. We'll begin by performing a Google search which includes your name, realtor, and city (an example search would be “Jane Doe Realtor Springfield”)

The following pages ideally should appear at the top of the search:

  • Business Website
  • Social Media Sites - especially Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp
  • Any additional sites in which you post listings, articles, and blogs

If these sites do not appear on the first page, we would then check all of the sites to determine what needs to be done.

The criteria we look at includes:

  • Are keywords being used, and how often?
  • Are your social media profiles set up properly?
  • Are you incorporating links?
  • Are the links working properly?

Additional features we look for:

  • Are your sites, and graphics, mobile-friendly?
  • Are the graphics consistent across the board, and are they the correct sizes?
  • Are the sites user-friendly?
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