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This page is for Best Agent Business ideas for Open House Marketing including ideas from Billion Dollar Agent.

  • Generate traffic of more people for open houses
  • Capture lead/contact information for most open house visitors
  • Build rapport and pursue open house leads
  • Showing Agent: The agent who holds the open house. They may be a buyer's agent or they may be a showing agent who is paid to hold the open house and collect the leads.
  • Seller - A: Anyone looking to buy who has a house to sell first should be coded as a Seller lead and worked as Seller lead.
  • Buyer - New Lead: An open house visitor which no one was able to speak with to qualify the lead of whether they are Buyer ABC lead. They must be reached live on phone or email to qualify the lead.
  • Buyer - A: Ready for showings.
  • Buyer - B: Ready in 1-3 months.
  • Buyer - C: Unsure if buying or 3+ months.
  • SOI - B: A neighbor or anyone else met but not looking to buy right now. Code as SOI - B or SOI - C depending on your conversation with them.
  • Decide on budget of number of open houses to be held each month.
  • Budget cost of signs, flyers, food/drink, and labor costs for holding open house
  • Adjust for seasonality

Review Listings and Select Open Houses

  • Leverage your listings and listings from other agents in your brokerage.
  • Review all new listings and all current listings with A, B, C rating of how good they would be for an open house.
  • Email or call agents with A-rated listings to ask them whether you can hold an open house in future on their listing.
  • Keep a running list scheduled 4 weeks in advance of 2-3 potential open houses so if a property goes under contract or a listing agent changes their mind, you have other options and are not left with nothing for open house that weekend.
  • Post open house on all possible online marketing sites.
  • Have seller post on their personal Facebook page.
  • Email out open house information to selected buyers from your database in that price range.
  • If your listing, mail Just Listed - Open House jumbo postcards to 200-300 homes around the listing so they arrive mid-week before the open house.
  • Distribute flyers to 100 homes around the listing the day before the open house.
  • Place more signs such as 10-15 signs for each open house, not 5 signs. As needed, hire someone to put out signs.
  • Showing Agent arrives 15 minutes prior to the Open House to prepare the home for showing
  • Showing Agent greets visitors and hands them a sign-in clipboard
  • Showing Agent will approach buyer if notices sign-in form is incomplete
  • Showing Agent updates the Notes section of the sign-in form with:
  • Date of Open House
  • Street address of Open House
  • Observations/Information about each visitor
  • Clearly written contact information if not legible on the sign-in form
  • Buyer Type if through their conversation with the buyer they identify their Buyer Type as different than their selection in the questionnaire
  • Showing Agent scans/faxes all Lead Sheets to for Best Agent Business to process/add to database by midnight same day as open house.
  • Best Agent Business inputs leads within one day:
  • Sends back PDF report of entered leads to Showing Agent and Client.
  • Assigns Source = Open House, Next Call Date, proper Contact Types. Agent - XXX assigned to call lead.
  • Showing Agent reviews Open House leads
  • Agent reviews Summary of Contacts PDF and verifies them against the PDF of the sign-in form as an audit of their correct input.
  • Agent will correct minor mistakes in DB
  • Agent gives file folder of Leads to Client to review.
  • Original hard copies are sorted and filed
  • Monday - Morning Open House Review with Showing Agents (30-60 minutes)
  • Face-to-face meeting covers the following topics:
  • Number & type of visitors per Open House
  • Feedback from visitors about the home and status as seller/buyer
  • Methods for approaching uncooperative visitors based on specific situations
  • Suggestions for improving sign-in form or showing of the home
  • “Thank You” Card Package brought to meetings by Showing Agents include:
  • Handwritten “Thank You” note signed by the Showing Agent
  • Hand-addressed envelope and USPS stamp
  • Mailed immediately following the meeting
  • Monday - Morning Gift Card WINNER Notifications Emailed
  • DB sends the Open House Video Link Email based on the Action Plan assigned by BAB when the leads were input
  • Video #1 – Open House WINNER Notification (1 min.)
  • Congratulations to the Winner and winner status revealed by clicking on the WINNER video link
    1. Video #2 – Open House NON-WINNER Notification (1 min.)
      1. Thank you to leads for visiting the Open House and winner status revealed by clicking on the NON-WINNER video link
      2. Email body copy (same for both emails)
        1. Personalized greeting
        2. “Click the video link below to find out if you are a WINNER.”
        3. Call to action and contact information.
  • Text Only/Non-Video Link Version (TEMPORARY)
    1. Until the video has been created, this email will only include copy identifying the recipient as WINNER or NON-WINNER
    1. IF no email address on file, THEN no email is sent
    2. Tuesday - Open House Lead Phone Calls
      1. Showing Agent calls the Open House leads from that weekend
        1. Introduces himself
        2. Verifies email and mailing address
  • Showing Agent will make three contact attempts over a three week period.
    1. If unable to reach by phone, the lead will be turned over to BAB for calling or Agent for calling
    2. Tuesday (end of day) - Open House Letters (DB)
      1. Assistant prints the Starbucks Open House Letters from DB
      2. Client picks up printed unsigned WINNER & NON-WINNER letters at the office
      3. Wednesday - Open House Lead Phone Calls (2 hours)
        1. Client audits Showing Agents by looking up each lead from the Open House letter in DB.
          1. If the Showing Agent has not made contact with the lead, Client will email him to make the call or the agent will provide an explanation of why the call has not been made
  • Client calls his Open House leads from that weekend
    1. Introduces himself
    2. Verifies email and mailing address
  • Client will make three dial attempts that day on his leads
    1. If unable to reach by phone, the lead will be turned over to BAB for calling
  • Client will sign ALL the Open House WINNER & NON-WINNER Letters
  • Thursday/Friday - Starbucks Award Package Mailed by Assistant will include:
    1. One of two letters (WINNER or NON-WINNER version) will be mailed to each Open House lead from that weekend
    2. List of Services – 1 page
    3. Current Market Statistics – 1 page
    4. Starbucks Gift Card
      1. $20 WINNER
      2. $5 NON-WINNER
  • Outer Envelope
    1. Hand Addressed Envelope
    2. USPS Stamp
    1. IF no mailing address, THEN no gift card will be mailed.
    2. IF mailing address but no email address, THEN Gift Card will be mailed
    3. Returned mail packages due to bad address will NOT be re-mailed
  1. Open House Plan Analysis
    1. Data Gathering (Monthly)
      1. Assistant pulls report of Open House Leads that have a corresponding home purchase
      2. Assistant pulls a report showing sales in DB and the source of the Open House lead by Showing Agent.
  2. Reporting Requirements
    1. New business generated based on receipt of each gift card value
    2. Compare Actual buying/selling based on Buyer Type in DB
  3. Evaluate Results/Recommendations
    1. Set success/failure benchmarks
    2. Continue, Modify, or cancel program
    3. Inventory Management
      1. Monitor/Order additional Gift Cards base on their depletion
      2. Monitor/Order additional branded print materials based on their depletion
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