Marketing Seller - Marketing Lost

To create a system to calculate the amount of potential revenue a client has lost by not following up with seller leads timely.

We will provide you with a spreadsheet showing the sellers in your database who have already listed/sold their homes. The document will include when the client received the lead, when the property was listed when the property was sold, the selling price, and the potential commission lost. We will sum this information so that you will see the total potential revenue and the GCI. This will show you why you need to be keeping in contact with these leads and follow up to get the listing.

Budget: 30-50 Seller leads - 1 hr , 100 leads 2.5 hours

  • Log in to Clients Database
  • Leads should already be tagged as Seller, Seller A, B, C, Seller New, Seller Address only, Seller Email Only - Pull these leads and print out the report
  • Look up each address in
  • Tag lead as BAB - Sold, BAB - Listed or BAB - Not Sold
  • If the property is showing Sold or Listed, gather the following information: Date listed, Date Sold, Selling price and Real Estate Agent/Agency and enter it into the notes area in the database.
  • Then Enter the information into a Spreadsheet with the same titles, see example below
  • Add to spreadsheet along with the following information Lead Date ( day client got lead), Lead days ( Sold date - Lead Date), Commission (% client gets), Commission amount (Selling price
  • Commission)
  • Make a Sum at the bottom of the columns Selling Price and Commission Price. This will show you how much in Sales Revenue and GCI the Client lost out on.
  • Email a copy to the Client and cc Steve, KA and Mentor using the following Subject line: Best Agent Business - Client Name - Seller Lead Analysis

This was completed for our current client Paul. See attached files for Examples of how to complete the process.

Seller Screen Shots

Seller New Leads

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