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This is a detailed list of creative ideas and gameplan for doing Farm Marketing using a custom newspaper.

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  • Custom newspaper - creative ideas:

Our goal is to have the newspaper be a monthly community newspaper with a focus on home and family which people look forward to receiving each month. Every month, there should be 50 people looking forward to seeing the newspaper because they either wrote an article, are mentioned in an article, have advertising in the paper, or have some other personal involvement with the content that month. Here are various branding approaches and our comments:

  • Personal branded: We do not advise you to personally brand the newspaper. This is a typical mistake of the Big Ego Brad type of real estate agents who constantly advertise their name and face and boast about how they are #1. This is a huge turn-off by the majority of consumers and a big mistake.
  • Unbranded real estate: The next level is what most people do, which is an unbranded newspaper with focus on real estate, such as real estate in the specific city or zipcode.
  • Real Estate + Home Services: This approach will go beyond real estate as buying/selling houses to include focus on home services as well.
  • Real Estate + Family + Community:
  • This is what we want to create and what people will look forward to reading.
  • 50% of the content will be generic real estate articles or custom real estate.
  • 50% will be family/children, community, or home/family related advertisers.
  • See below for more details.
  • Email contact must be unique to newspaper so anyone who emails from newspaper, you know they saw you in newspaper.
  • Such as
  • Always have phone (call/text), email, website on every single article with a call to action.
  • Website must be unbranded with IDX search for homes and clear options for Home Value requests.
  • Use 800 IVR systems like ProQuest, Arch, VoicePad and others for calls to action.
  • Have at least one call to action advertisement or article with ending call to action on each custom page.
  • Review monthly at least 5 other agent newspapers from around the country to get more ideas.

People are interested in three things: health, wealth, and children. When done properly, your newspaper can appeal to emotions based on wealth and children:

  • Wealth
  • Real Estate - Home: How is real estate doing in my area and the value of my home?
  • Mortgage: Should I consider refinancing my home and how can I make that decision?
  • Investment: If I am interested in investing in real estate, how do I start the process and get educated?
  • Home Improvements: Who are the best contractors for doing various types of home renovations?
  • Home services: What are best home service vendors in the area for the top 10-20 home services such as gardening services, cleaning, plumbing, electrical, and more?
  • Financial planning: Who are top financial planners in the area?
  • Children
  • Have articles written by children.
  • Have articles written about children and special kudos for children.
  • Have articles written about schools and school events.

Our goal is to maximize distribution of number of newspapers and readership of newspapers across as many people as possible at lowest cost per person. The method to achieve this is via leverage.

  • Writers: Have people write articles for the newspaper
  • Vendors: Have vendors pay for advertising in the newspaper and help distribute newspaper
  • Community Organizations: Feature community organizations in newspaper and they will help distribute newspaper
  • Email all Clients/SOI and ask who wants to write articles about community for newspaper, or review vendors/restaurants.
  • Mail postcard to top Clients/SOI with same offer.
  • Develop full Vendor ABC list for marketing. Vendor - New Lead means they have not been asked yet to advertise. Vendor-A means they are paying advertiser. Vendor-B means hot prospect. Vendor-C means not so interested currently.
  • Core Vendors: Mortgage, title, financial planners, etc.
  • Home Service Vendors: Offer exclusive at first to be only advertiser for that segment in newspaper. If no one takes it, offer lower price for shared space.
  • Restaurants: Let them offer coupons.
  • Family vendors: Children related activity.
  • Schools
  • Non-profits
  • Community organizations or events
  • Feature on every month

In addition to the physical newspaper, there will be links to Facebook and other online aspects of newspaper and community. More to come on this…

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