Farm Marketing - Mailed Newspaper

Are you interested in reaching hundreds or even thousands of potential clients in your area and become known as the local real estate expert? Best Agent Business can assist you in creating a custom newspaper with Discovery Publications. Discovery Publications will assist in customizing your newspaper, printing and mailing to targeted potential clients.

Best Agent Business can even assist you in zero-based marketing to get your newspaper to be sent to your local area for a low cost or even free! We will contact your vendors and propose to them to advertise in your newspaper by sharing some of the cost associated with it. We will even contact your SOI, clients, and vendors to see if they can give you feedback on what topics they would like to see in the newspaper, business featured or if they would even like to write about the schools, local businesses, events or more for free.

  • Pricing varies due to the number of copies sent and how often you send your newspaper
  • For 5,000 copies to send every other month it costs $0.58 per piece
  • to remain relatively unbranded
  • to be sent out monthly or every other month
  • to send to your farm zip code based on carrier route
  • to also send your newspaper to your contacts in your database
  • to propose to your vendors to advertise in your newspaper in order to help subsidize cost
  • to propose to your client, SOI and vendors to give ideas of content, featured businesses or to write some of the content for you for free

Best Agent Business - Mailed Newspapers.pdf

For more advanced ideas and gameplan see Seller Marketing - Farm Marketing - Newspaper - Plan

If you are interested in starting or have any questions, feel free to email us at

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