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Your Goal is to get 20% Market Share of FSBOs.

You want to list and sell 20% of all FSBO that list and sell with an agent within 1,000 days.

If you do not have the patience and focus to work business that is 1,000 days out then you are merely a Hyper Harry doing a fraction of GCI and profit compared to a Billion Dollar Agent.

A Hyper Harry can only work Now business and has no systems for Future business. A Billion Dollar Agent will do about 5x the net profit working fewer hours and less stress by working Now and Future business.

Here are some basic steps of how to be a Billion Dollar Agent with FSBO Marketing.

  • You need to complete our FSBO Marketing Analysis to calculate how much is it worth to get a Listing Appointment.
  • Email Steve above for that spreadsheet.
  • Until you are 100% confident of that answer, you should stop/pause/do not start any FSBO Marketing.
  • Once you know that number, and number of FSBO per month, you can calculate a budget of how much you should spend on FSBO Marketing including Calling and Mailing.
  • We advise budgeting about $10 for calling and $10 for mailing or $20/FSBO.
  • If you have 50 FSBO per month, that would be about $1,000/month calling and mailing cost.
  • Leverage tools such as REDX, Landvoice, Vulcan7 to pull properly the FSBOs for your market.
  • Define your target market by area and lowest price. Do not exclude too many areas or low price points. There are methods to work a broader area and methods to work lower price points profitably.
  • Never do this yourself. Have a top database person pull this information daily or weekly. The most critical aspect is monthly analysis of market share of what percent of FSBO are selling FSBO, versus selling with an agent.
  • You must have a solid database and Lead Management system to track all Seller Leads as Seller - New Lead, Seller-A, Seller-B, and Seller-C. Over time, some Seller-C leads will become SOI-C if they choose not to sell. You need to differentiate between regular and short sale situations, between homeowner and absentee owner, and sellers that rent their property but still desire to sell within 1,000 days.
  • For every 1 FSBO who is Now business who will list within 30 days of going FSBO, there is likely 5 FSBO who are Future business who will list within 1,000 days. Do you want to be the 9 of 10 agents that ONLY work Now business or the 1 in 10 who works Future business and becomes a Billion Dollar Agent?
  • Best Agent Business has done over 1,200 hours of FSBO calling in past few years.
  • From 1,200 hours, we dialed over 18,000 times and reached about 5,200 people live. That is about 4-5 live leads per hour which is very high because FSBO often give their cell phone and they pick up the phone because they are selling something.
  • Of the 5,200 live, we found about 1,000 already Lost by selling FSBO or with an agent because we often are calling a backlog of leads.
  • So, there are 4,000 we reached live in play. About 1,400 of those, or 35%, were still in play and moved into pipeline as Seller ABC lead.
  • This means that the FSBO was still selling FSBO and had not already sold the home and was not listed with an agent.
  • So, for every 100 FSBO, at least 35% and likely a higher number once backlog is cleared, move into play as Seller ABC
  • We scheduled about 140 appointments from those 1,200 of calling so about 10 hours of calling for one appointment or about 10
  • $20/hour - $200 per appointment. That number will get lower as the backlog of Seller BC leads are called and would lead to more appointments.
  • We project 5-15 hours of calling or $100-$300 to get an FSBO preview appointment. In most markets, this makes it very worthwhile to work FSBO leads.
  • Depending on your unique talents and current mix of your business, you should be Calling or Mailing or both.
  • Most agents do not work FSBO because they are not willing to call and they do not take rejection well and they are unorganized and could never put together a consistent mailing effort which will not pay off for 6 months.
  • Unless you have a minimum budget of $500/month for FSBO Mailings and can invest and see nothing in return for 6 months, do not even consider starting.
  • We recommend a budget of $10 per Expired to send them a series of 10 mailings over 6 months.
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