Expired SendOutCard Campaign

Dear Client,

Are you looking for an automated program to do the work of sending out your Expired card campaign for you? SendOutCards does just this! We can create an Expired greeting card campaign in SendOutCards and store the campaign within the program. Each week we can just search for your new Expired leads, upload into the program and SendOutCards does the rest of the work. They know to immediately send out the first card and then to send out the following cards based on the number of days apart you would like them spaced.

Please view the files below as this is an expired campaign that we can add your logo, picture, contact information and expired testimonials to and start sending your campaign! We can create customized cards just for you as well!

Expired SOC - Experience Service

Expired SOC - Home Hasn't Sold

Expired SOC - Key To Selling

Expired SOC - Successfully Selling

Expired SOC - Together We Can

If you have any questions you can contact your Key Assistant, Marketing Assistant or email us at marketing@bestagentbusiness.com.

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