The Marketing Team is the heart of writing, editing, websites and graphics at Best Agent Business. As any true writer knows, the backbone of good writing always includes brainstorming and research. Marketing Team members stretch their minds and fingers to create unsurpassed work on behalf of some of the top realtors in the country.

We develop original written materials for books, magazines, newsletters, advertisements, brochure text, surveys, articles for presentations, website content, email campaigns, etc. We can even maintain blogs or issue text messages to provide information quickly from client to client.

All of the members of our Writing Team are qualified, tested, and experienced in the field of writing. We are here to meet any marketing needs you may have.

The Marketing Team has actively worked on books such as Beyond Belief – Journey To A Miracle, Make Millions and Make Change, Real Estate in 2008, Billion Dollar Agent, Make a Commitment – Soar To Success in Real Estate, What You Focus on Grows, and more. We can write content and professionally edit any text. In addition, we work actively on distribution, marketing, printing, and book cover designs. Every aspect of the book publishing process passes our way from the time it is an idea in the author’s head until it is a book on the shelf or an eBook available for download.

In addition to the extensive work in books, we also proofread and edit both internal and client documents and memos. We and are available for any of Best Agent Business' more creative needs.

We will proofread or publish your book or e-book. We have editors available to proofread your documents. We can create and publish your monthly or weekly newsletter. We can also distribute your book for you.

To get started please contact your Key Assistant and Marketing Assistant. Below is basic information that we'll need to get started!

  1. What types of writing are you interested in?
  2. How often would you like your writing to occur?
  3. How would you like your writing presented?
  4. Do you have images that you would like to be used in your writing? We provide any images/logos that you may need.
  5. Which clients in your database would you like your writing to be sent?
  6. What are your preferred font types and sizes?
  7. Is your newsletter, flyer, magazine, etc. one-sided or two-sided?
  8. Will it be folded?
  9. What is your deadline date?
  10. Please provide your website URL and/or other information that will help us understand your “brand identity”. You can include details such as your company's mission statement, vision, etc.
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