Business Card Examples

Have you ever thought about WHAT to send your clients and SOI? Magnets and calendars are an excellent way to get your name into someone’s house and they will be useful for the whole year. Refrigerator magnets and/or calendars are the answer! There are 2 companies that have produced consistent magnets and calendars for our clients over the years.

The magnets and calendars will be created with your information (to look similar to your business card) and it is printed directly on the magnet – OR – we can order them where we can peel and stick your business card directly to the magnet or calendar. Either option is a great way to reach out to your clients.

This is also a great way to FARM to a specific area. Not only will your potential clients see your info, their friends and families will also.

We are able to hand-address the envelopes with your information for a personal touch. The average time for hand-addressing envelopes is 5 hours per 100. This includes hand-addressing, stuffing and mailing.

Contact your Key Assistant and/or Marketing Assistant for more information.

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