The Editing Team is a support team of the Client Marketing Team. The Editing Team edits and proofs client projects within the following teams: Blogging, Client Marketing, Publishing, Transcription, and Websites.

We Edit/Proof the following:

  • Transcriptions
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • SOC's
  • Websites

The purpose of editing is to make a newsletter, SOC, or other Client Marketing project ready to the agent’s clients or potential client to see. We read through the document for typos, spelling, spacing issues, and perhaps a wrong word or one missing within a sentence to complete that sentence. We cannot change the grammar, verbiage or structure of the sentence i.e. rewording to make it more pleasing to read.

The Editing Team at Best Agent Business edits and proofs many types of documents and projects such as transcriptions, newsletters, websites, blogs, and send out cards. Turning your words into perfection is what our highly qualified Editing Team strives to do. You should expect a 24 hr turnaround for editing so allow for that with project time. The larger the project, the longer it will take to edit.

If you're ready to get started, please email your Key Assistant or Marketing Assistant. We look forward to getting you started and getting your projects on the path to perfection! All The Best from the Editing Team at Best Agent Business!

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