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Book Team

The Book Team is the heart of writing and publishing at Best Agent Business.

What does this team offer?

  • We work hand in hand with our excellent editing team to create a professional completed project.
  • Quality writing, as well as superior brainstorming and research, which is the backbone of any successful book
  • We seize the opportunity to use our unique talents and creativity to create unsurpassed work on behalf of our clients.
  • We are also available for any of Best Agent Business' needs that are more creative.
  • We can proofread or publish a clients book or e-book upon request and can also distribute the book.

Though small, this remarkable team has pulled off some amazing feats over the last few years turning the team into one of the most prolific here at Best Agent Business.

Have you heard of “Billion Dollar Agent”? This book was written, formatted, edited, published and marketed by the Book Team to help agents succeed in a challenging market. If that doesn’t ring a bell how about “Real Estate in 2008”, “Coffee Stories”, “Why Are You Here Right Now” or “Yes, You Can – The People’s Inaugural Address Project”? All of these books were written using crowd sourcing through various avenues. The results of the crowd sourcing were ranked, categorized, formatted, edited and published by our skilled team.

The team has also helped our clients publish “Beyond Belief – Journey to a Miracle”, “Make Millions and Make Change”, “Make a Commitment – Soar to Success in Real Estate” and “What You Focus on Grows”.

The members of the Book Team feel that you are one of Best Agent Business’ clients who could benefit from our services. The following document briefly describes what the Book Team has to offer. Book team Project Page

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