Monthly Mailed Postcard

Best Agent Busines recommends that all real estate agents send a monthly jumbo sized postcard to potential, existing and past clients. These mailings help to put your name, face, tagline, and credentials in front of them, so they know who to contact when they need real estate assistance. We tailor mailings specifically to your tastes, market and budget.

We've found that jumbo sized postcards are just the right size! They are large and more eye-catching then a 4×6“ and within a reasonable budget. We recommend using Express Copy, but have experience using many different print companies if you have one that you prefer. Other recommended print companies are Quantum Digital and Click2Mail.

A monthly mailed postcard can help you to Stop Wasting Leads by reaching out and staying-in-touch with your leads.

Reach out to your Key Assistant, or Marketing Assistant and let them know you're ready to start mailing. Then send in the following information to them:

  1. High-Resolution Images: Headshot photo or Team Photo, Business Logo, Brokerage Logo
  2. Examples of Past Mailings

If you're already sending a monthly mailed postcard, that's awesome! You're on the right track. We can take over this task for you if you'd like to free up more of your time. Just send an example of the postcards you've been sending, and if you currently like what's being sent or if you'd like to update the mailing.

Or, if you'd like to begin sending other mailings, please refer to the additional mailing services we offer below.

  • SendOutCards - SendOutCards is a program where you can create single cards, campaigns and send them off. You can even create campaigns and schedule cards to go out at set times. It's a great program for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Thank you's, FSBO campaigns, Expired campaigns and more.
  • Postagram App - This is a great app which you can create a fun, quick postcard to send to your clients. Send them a quick pic of what you've been up to and a little verbiage along with it.
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