Email Marketing

Best Agent Business recommends that every real estate agent sends a monthly email newsletter to their Client/SOI/Buyer/Seller, New Lead A/B/C and Vendor contacts.

Email Marketing helps keep the client's customers and prospects coming back by using attractive, professional-looking email communications to stay in regular touch with them and build strong customer relationships. The Email Marketing team's basic service consists of a monthly Email newsletter; we would like all clients to send this out at a minimum. After that, we will also handle other email projects such as Buyer Online Surveys, buyer short emails, drip campaigns, special event emails, email blasts (holidays, market updates), Monday Morning Mojo, etc.

  • Email Marketing is the most profitable marketing.
  • Marketing costs are about 5% instead of 10-30% for Lead Generation.
  • Email Marketing drives majority of business, usually 30-80% of business of real estate agents.
  • Almost all agents underspend on/underuse Email Marketing.
  • Most profitable
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to delegate
  • Easy to track and measure
  • Increases asset of the business of client database

Best Agent Business Email Marketing Powerpoint

Email Marketing Powerpoint

Watch this video that is proof that keeping-in-touch with clients is important. Email Marketing is one fo the ways you can stay in touch!

Email Marketing can help you to Stop Wasting Leads by reaching out and staying-in-touch with your leads.

When you're ready to begin Email Marketing work your Marketing Assistant may email you or call you to take note of any work that you wish to begin. From there they will be in contact with you or your Key Assistant with updates and any questions or approval on items needed from you.

Wondering what we can create for you? Take a peek at some of the newsletter we've created!

Nurture your buyer and seller leads with an automated email drip campaign. We can create a campaign that's custom to your business and upload it into your CRM to send automatically. When paired with our calling services, you've got an effective campaign. When you're leads are ready to buy or sell, you'll know!

We use a number of databases in order to provide you the marketing for your needs. We're able to utilize your leads database, such as Top Producer, by importing contacts into an email database such as Constant Contact. Want to send one monthly newsletter to buyer/seller A and another monthly newsletter to buyer/seller B/C? No problem - we can create separate newsletters and contact lists based on your marketing plan. In addition to the CRMs listed below, we can also work with your broker's database if they offer an email newsletter function. Here are a few key features of some of the email marketing programs we commonly use:


  • Over 600 customizable email newsletter templates
  • Integrate your blog posts with your newsletter
  • Use autoresponder follow-ups
  • Create stylish opt-in forms
  • Publish past newsletters online - let new clients read up on your old content!

Constant Contact

  • Customizable templates for a personalized, professional newsletter
  • Real-time reporting on email tracking
  • Social media integration available

Home Actions

  • Customizable branded layouts
  • Provides written pre-branded content, and allows for you to add articles
  • Social media integration available
  • Automatically delivered - options for bi-weekly or monthly
  • Delivery and tracking are built in


  • Hundreds of templates to choose from
  • MessageCoder allows for you to customize everything through HTML if you choose
  • Email Newsletter Sign up forms available to place on website and social media pages

Infusion Soft

  • Boasts a 99% delivery rate
  • Spam Scoring - this program points out items in your newsletter that may flag it as Spam
  • Easily customizable
  • Visual reports on email tracking

Mail Chimp

  • Allows you to design your own newsletter with flexible templates
  • Allows for multi-user accounts
  • Segmentation - send different content to different groups within the same contact list
  • Autoresponders
  • Geolocation - send newsletter to contacts within a certain zip code

My Newsletter Builder

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Near industry leading 100% delivery rate
  • Option between pre-written content/professionally created newsletters or fully customizable do it yourself
  • Auto-series campaign automation
  • Dedicated server - allows you to reserve an IP address to send emails quickly and securely

Service for Life

  • Autogenerated content that's completely customizable
  • Referral Generation Tool
  • Mail newsletter available as well as social media version

Top Producer

  • Allows for quick publishing of real-time market updates - send e-blasts to clients with up to the minute market news
  • Great for e-blasts or flyers as well as email newsletters complete with articles, listings, and referrals

Vertical Response

  • Over 700 templates to choose from
  • “Forward to a Friend” feature
  • Segmentation tool
  • Options for direct mail marketing as well

Wise Agent

  • Unlimited document storage
  • Day planner - good for storing anniversary and birthday announcements!
  • Automated campaigns
  • Use their templates or create your own HTML template
  • Unlimited attachments on emails

Portfolio of ALL types of newsletters:

Email Marketing Portfolio of Newsletters

Estimated Time for Newsletter Set-Up- The estimates to follow are just that: estimates. Some tasks will take longer than the estimates if there are multiple changes to drafts. However, these are designed to be a starting point to assist in managing your budget.

  • Monthly Email Newsletter
  • Set-up: Formatting and verbiage, Graphics (header and/or template), DB file pull and/or upload, and editing - 10 hours
  • Ongoing Monthly: Including writing and finding content and editing- 5 hours
  • Monday Morning Mojo
  • Set-up: Graphics, create header, editing, DB file pull and/or upload -3 hours
  • Ongoing: Including editing and sending- 1hr/week
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Set up: Formatting and verbiage, Graphics (header), DB file pull and/or upload, setting up auto send in program with rules, and editing ( with15-20 emails in campaign)- 5-6 hrs

What is an Email Newsletter?

An Email newsletter directly markets a commercial message to a group of people using email. Email Newsletters are direct emails sent out on a regular basis to a list of subscribers/clients. The primary purpose of an Email Newsletter is to build upon the relationship of the client with their contacts/clients. We recommend a monthly newsletter over a Drip campaign. We have greater success with a useful monthly newsletter that contains pertinent local market info, homeowner info, and other tips, articles, stats, etc. than a weekly email with very little of the mentioned information. Newsletters are sent to the client for approval before being sent to contact lists. If after 3 days, we have not received approval from client, we will go ahead with the send as scheduled.

What is a Buyer Short Email?

Some clients have a backlog of Buyer Leads. The goal with these leads is to convert serious leads within this group into Clients. Some people who might bypass a newsletter or other company email might respond to a short, personal-looking email with a simple, relevant question. This is a very short, personal-type email that we send to buyer leads in the client's database to solicit a response. We have been having great success obtaining new information from leads and converting old leads into hot leads. This is an inexpensive way to optimize the backlog of leads in your database and convert them to action.

What is a Drip Campaign?

A series of emails sent to specific contact groups over a period of time- usually one a week for X amount of weeks. Paired with calling, it's an effective marketing campaign for our buyer and/or seller leads.

What is a Monday Morning Mojo or Monday Morning Musing?

An MMM, as we call it, is a type of email newsletter that is sent out every week, on Mondays. Part of a selected story is put into a template design much like an email newsletter would be and emailed to client's contacts, with a link at the bottom, to the rest of the story- usually landing on their site or Facebook page. The primary purpose of an MMM is to build upon the relationship of the client with their contacts/clients every week and build traffic to their Facebook fanpages, sites, etc.

What is a Just Listed or Just Sold email?

A Just Listed or Just Sold email or e-flyer is comprised of one or more properties that the client has recently listed on the market for sale or has recently sold. Typically photos and basic information such as # of bedrooms or bathrooms, sq. ft, selling price, or price sold for is put with each property that was sold or listed recently.

Steve's Info- Financial Analysis

  • For 100 Client/SOI people, business should generate 4-10 closed deals per year from repeat/referrals. So for 500 people, 20-50 deals per year. This makes it very easy to quickly analyze business and decide whether there is room for improvement for Client/SOI marketing.
  • Budget about 5% of GCI for Email (and Mailed) Marketing. For $200,000 GCI agent, budget $10,000.
  • Budget about $20 per Client/SOI per year. For 500 people, budget $10,000.
  • Budget of $20 is based on mailings $12, call $8.
  • Market share goal is to have 80% market share of Client/SOI database. This is probably 90% of A, 70% of B, and 50% of C people.
  • About 50% of Email Marketing business is repeat or first-time business from SOI.
  • About 50% of Email Marketing business is referrals from Client/SOI.
  • Referrals usually come from only 10% of the database. These are the people rated A.
  • Budget about $50 extra for the A people. So, with 500 people and 50 A people, budget extra $2,500 for A people. This may include lunches/coffee, gifts, parties.
  • Overall budget for 200 people is $6,000 with goal of 20 deals at 200k would be $4m sales and $100,000 GCI so marketing cost would be 6% or $6,000.
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