Zillow Marketing

Dear Client,

Would you like us to assist you in becoming a top-rated Zillow Real Estate Agent? Zillow has over 37 million visitors a month on their website! Think about the leads that you could generate from being one of the top-rated Real Estate Agents on Zillow. Best Agent Business can assist you with improving and managing your rankings, reviews and reputations.

With 5 hours we can do the following:

  • Create a marketing plan, budget, and goals for Zillow.
  • Implement marketing plan.
  • Begin to track monthly status compared to other agents until we hit goals for rankings.

For Additional Hours we can:

  • Call 10-30 of your current clients that are rated as A or B and confirm their level of satisfaction and get testimonials for you.

Attached is a document that contains a brief overview of what our Marketing Team can do for you.

If you are interested in becoming the next Top Agent for Zillow please email marketing@bestagentbusiness.com. If you already have registered with Zillow please send us your link as well as your logins for us to review; if you have not registered click here to do so.


Best Agent Business

Best Agent Business -Using Zillow to Improve Your Leads

Zillow Account – Free

  • You may post listings for free on Zillow; however, you will not receive the benefit of better exposure as you would with becoming a Premier Agent
  • You can send them your listings information, which includes photos, open house information, virtual tours, and more through their free automated feed program.

Premier Agents

For more information sign up now or read more at their FAQ page. If your GCI is over $200,000 we recommend Premier Gold, otherwise we recommend Premier Silver.

  • Becoming a Premier Agent means that you will be getting your brand out to millions of house hunters. This is a lead generating system for you!
  • Premier Silver - $10/month - You receive a Premier Agent website, CRM Tools to manage contacts and Priority support
  • Premier Gold - $49/month - You receive Premier Silver package plus they feature your listings, you can have your photo on the listings and your clients receive a weekly report of their homes activities
  • Premier Platinum - Cost varies by zip code - You receive Premier Gold package plus you appear as the agent to contact in your farm area, you can highlight a listing on yourself when shoppers search for homes in your area and your homes will appear at the top of search results. You can also add a Zillow Special Offer to your listings to give them more exposure.

If you would like more information on how you can become a Premier Agent listed on Zillow, please email marketing@bestagentbusiness.com and provide us with a link to your Zillow account.

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