Listing Marketing

Listing Marketing is ultimately a part of the Closing Team, but focuses on more in-depth Marketing tasks.

    • Social Media Posting - We can post your just listed, just sold or listings with price changes to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and other social media platforms.
    • Blogs - We can create a short blog post featuring your new Just Listed properties and post on your website and other blog sites.
    • Flyers - We can create flyers featuring your new listings for you to print directly in your office, or at a local printer. These are great to store below a for sale sign on the property, hang on bulletin boards in your office and other public areas.
    • Postcards - We can create and order a Just Listed or Just Sold Postcard to be sent out to surrounding homes in the area of your listing. We can also send to your SOI, leads and other contacts in your database to keep your name top-of-mind.
  • Listing & Buyer Presentation - Showcase your services with a professional listing and buyer packets.
  • Zillow - Want to become a leading agent in zillow ranking? We can help you accomplish this!

Kickoff Listing Marketing

Ready to start? Contact your Key Assistant or Marketing Assistant to let them know you'd like to start work, and we'll gather the necessary items to begin work.

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