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Marketing is about keeping your name and message in front of as many potential clients as possible while staying in touch with your current clients so you continue to be their agent of choice and obtain referrals from them. You can view kickoff steps to start Marketing work as well as the services we offer.

We are excited to start working with you! Prior to starting your marketing work, we will need to obtain marketing materials from you as well as have a conference call to discuss your needs. Here are the steps to starting your Marketing Work with Best Agent Business:

  1. Day 1-10: Gather Marketing Background Information: Please complete the following document and send to your Key Assistant along with the images/logos/examples needed 3 days prior to your Marketing Kickoff call: Marketing Kickoff Checklist - PDF Format or Marketing Kickoff Checklist - Word Format
  2. Day 1-10: Attend Marketing Kickoff Call with your Key Assistant and Marketing Assistant. And, review our Working With Your Marketing Assistant page.
  3. Day 10-30: Marketing Agenda Approval: Please review the marketing agenda which your Marketing Assistant sends to you 24 hours after your Marketing Kickoff call and approve.

Remember, please send the materials needed 3 days prior to our Marketing Kickoff Call. Having this information will speed up response time to get your marketing work completed quickly.

Our Core Marketing services are those marketing tasks which every real estate agent should be doing to grow their business. These Marketing tasks are the foundation on which other marketing is built from and include weekly online marketing, a monthly email newsletter, and a monthy mailed postcard.

After you are consistent with Core Marketing tasks, we recommend branching out into more Advanced Marketing. These marketing activities can be a variety of the following:

  • Client Marketing - Market to clients, SOI and vendors.
    • Testimonials - Obtain client testimonials and referrals.
    • Vendor - Market to vendors, suppliers, affiliates, and service providers.
  • Buyer Marketing - Market to your buyer leads and generate buyer leads.
    • Drip Campaigns - Setup an email drip campaign to stay in contact with your Buyer Leads.
  • Seller Marketing - Market to your seller leads and generate seller leads
    • Drip Campaigns - Setup an email drip campaign to stay in contact with your Seller Leads.
    • Expired - Market to individuals with Expired Listings.
    • Expired Seminar - Hold an Expired Seminar.
    • Farm Marketing - Market to a specific geographic or demographic.
    • FSBO - Market to individuals with FSBO properties.
    • Prime Seller Leads - Obtain additional Seller Leads with these vendors.
    • Open House - Market your Open Houses.
    • Probate Marketing - Market to Probate Properties, Real Estate Investors, Estate Executors, Estate Planners and Probate Attorneys.
  • Listing Marketing - Market your property listings.

We've written and published our own books, and our Book Team can help you too. Interested in reading a book we've written? Our most recent book published is the Billion Dollar Manifesto.

If you're looking for content writing for a magazine, advertisement, website, or blog, we have a Writing team to assist you.

We also have assistants available to assist you with Graphics, Audio Video, Transcription and Website Services.

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