Vendor Marketing

Vendor Marketing Introduction

Did you know that in the US, about 5-10% of the population are small business owners? These can include your vendors or suppliers - lenders, title companies, plumbers, home stagers, cleaners - those companies you use regularly and depend on. A vendor may also become a client of yours if they do a deal with you. It's important to identify and properly tag these in your database!

The Vendor Marketing team handles the marketing efforts of vendors or your suppliers, affiliates, and service providers. The purpose of Vendor Marketing is to deepen your relationship with your vendors and to get them as a client, to seek referrals, and to bring in money for your business's marketing efforts.

See the YouTube video for a brief synopsis on the Power of Vendor Marketing.

  • Lenders or Title Co.
  • Core Vendor( Home Inspection Co, Painting, Plumber, etc)
  • Tier Sharing Vendors/Other
  • Do real estate with you and become a client
  • Referrals
  • Money for Marketing
  • As it directly ties into Email Marketing, it is the most profitable marketing.
  • Email Marketing drives majority of business, usually 30-80% of business of real estate agents.
  • Almost all agents underspend on or under-use Vendor Marketing.
  • Get your marketing efforts paid for 100%
  • Very profitable
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to track and measure
  • Increases asset of the business of client database

  • Simply adding Vendors to your monthly email or mailed newsletter contact list. By tagging Vendors in your Database as Vendor A/B/C and the type of vendor they are, we can easily identify them and set up immediate monthly marketing by adding those contacts to your monthly email newsletter.
  • If you don't currently have a monthly email newsletter, we can create a custom one just for you.
  • Website Vendor Page - you should have a vendor page on your website dedicated to listing your main suppliers and vendors with graphics and links to each.
  • Vendor Meetings - it's key to have meetings with your vendors just like you would with Client/SOI to constantly build that relationship - this level is for you to do, we can help with ideas or setting up meetings.
  • Saving your Marketing Dollars - Get money for your marketing efforts from vendors such as lenders, title companies, and home suppliers to fund your marketing efforts within both email newsletters and monthly mailings.
  • Email Newsletters - This can be done by featuring the vendor, giving cost-saving coupons, and giving them a highlighted spot in your newsletter in exchange for marketing dollars.
  • Monthly Mailings - Have vendor's A pay for mailings to your Clients/SOI. You should include an incentive for that vendor in that mailing with a full-page endorsement and ad.
  • Local entrepreneurial triangles - Organize these Vendor A’s in non-competitive spaces into triangles. Best Agent Business will run triangles. Invite 5 to lunch with you, with a goal that 3 will form a triangle and meet monthly, educate them, etc. This will show them the benefit of being loyal to you and will help grow their business as well.

When you are ready to begin Vendor Marketing, your Marketing Assistant will email you and set up a call to get the details of what you would like done. From there they will be in contact with you or your Key Assistant with updates and any questions or approval on items needed from you.

To get started today, email your Marketing Assistant and!

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