Client Testimonial Marketing

Successful Realtors® know that the key to building long-term business stability is through referrals. There is no stronger testimony about your value, knowledge, and experience than a happy client that is willing to recommend you to their friends and family. A lead found via referral is infinitely more valuable than an internet lead, because a referral lead is more likely to engage and become a client. Luckily there are some resources available to help you more systematically continue to engage former clients even weeks, months, and years after closing. Consistently following-up is the key to getting that golden nugget - the referral. Here are some articles that provide best practices for getting client testimonials and referrals.

We've listed some resources below that you can explore. When you are ready, Best Agent Business can help you develop a strategy to ensure you continue to stay top of mind with your clients.

  • Reach150 - For as little as $30/mo, Reach150 can help you stay top of mind with your clients, customize and schedule requests for testimonials, advertise and promote your testimonials, and ask for referrals.
  • TestimonialTree - Basic services start at $29/mo. Includes customizable feedback forms, widgets to publish feedback collected to websites, SEO optimization, and other features.
  • Boast - Provides a platform for collecting video testimonials. Basic plan is $16/mo with limited testimonials per month. Allows you to customize guiding questions, and clients can then use their webcam or mobile device to record short video answers to your custom questions. The videos can then be posted to your website.

Many Realtors® do a great job of creating positive client experiences. They may have a string of clients who are willing to give testimonials and referrals. But once the deal is done and the next wave of leads come in, it's easy to back-burner the critical step of following-up with the happy clients and asking for their feedback, testimonials and referrals.

Contact us today to find out how Best Agent Business can help you gather feedback and stay connected with your Sphere of Influence.

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