Monthly Database Summary


Your database is most valuable asset of your business. To help increase the value of your database, Best Agent Business creates a Monthly Database Summary report (MDS), a snapshot of your database which shows the most important leads to focus on and areas of your database requiring maintenance by you, your Key Assistant and Lead Management Assistant. The MDA is organized into sections of Clients, SOI, Buyers, Sellers, and other groups for FSBO, Farm, Expired, Other as needed by your business. Within each section, we list the main groups (contact types) of your data and the most recent count of each group.

How to read the MDS

The first page of the report includes all leads found which are properly tagged with our Billion Dollar Agent Core Database Codes: As your database is cleaned up you will see more leads appear on this first page.

At the top of the MDS you will see: Monthly Database Summary - the name of your database platform and your name. You will also see contact info for Best Agent Business, the name of your Key Assistant and the name of your Lead Management Assistant.

Budget - Closed 2018: this is the number of leads you closed in the current year Average Sales Price: the average sales price if known Average Commission: the average commission if known

Client Marketing, Action Needed and Database Value: We actively manage all leads which use our Core Database Codes, assign Actions Needed (such as the name of the Caller assigned to the leads) and the value of each lead. Your first MDS reports will initially be assigned the values of: $50 for uncoded and new leads, $100 for A leads, $50 for B leads and $20 for C leads - these figures may be adjusted as we evolve your lead management plan.

Total Database Core: this is the number of leads assigned as Client Closed (current and previous year), Client Under Contract, Buyer - A and Seller - A.

Total Database People: this is the number of all leads that are currently in your database

Total Database Value: This is the Value of all of your Core Database leads (all leads on page 1 of the MDS report). Note this value will increase as your database is cleaned and organized.

Other: Page 2 of your report contains other lead types used by Best Agent Business This often includes Missing Contact Types, Missing Email Addresses, Missing Phone, Missing Follow Up, etc.

Everything else: Pages 3 and beyond of your report. These are codes used prior to service with BAB and/or are codes unique to your database. We highly recommend that these codes be converted to our Core Database Codes whenever possible so we can most effectively manage your leads.

Here is a $$ estimate of how valuable is your database is and how we at Best Agent Business can help you to harvest that $$.

Monthly Database Summary - DBNAME - CLIENTNAME
Budget - Closed 2018:

Average Sales Price:$
Average Commission:

Client Marketing Action Needed Database Value 08/08/2020
Client - A Caller - Agent $1300 13
Client - B Caller - Amy $5100 102
Client - C $9350 187
Total $15,750 302
SOI - A $10,500
SOI - B $21,000
SOI - C $9,000
Total $41,500 81

Vendor - A
Vendor - B

Vendor - C


Client - Closed 2020
Client - Closed 2019

Client - Under Contract

Client - Active Seller

Buyer - New Lead
Buyer - A
Buyer - B
Buyer - C

Seller - New Lead

Seller - A

Seller - B

Seller - C

Total Database Core
Total Database People

Total Database Value

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