Lead Management Analysis Kick-off Checklist

To best serve you, please send your Key Assistant all Logins and any Financials prior to your Lead Management Kick-off call. Send login information for all databases and systems included in your Lead Management Kick-off Analysis Checklist.

In order for our Billion Dollar Agent system to work, you must be dedicated to spending 2 hours per week:

  • Coding all of your existing leads (one-time) using our Core Database Codes
  • Calling your new leads weekly
  • Sending us all of your new leads daily

Lead Management provides daily management of your leads, weekly database cleanup and weekly and monthly reporting and action items pertaining to your database and leads. We want you to send us every single lead, every single time. We want to manage 100% of your leads accurately and efficiently. We want to help you stop wasting leads.

This one-time step happens during the first 30 days of service. We convert all of your leads from your databases and systems into one Core Database.

  • About how many leads do you currently have?
  • What would you consider the main source of your new leads? Referral, targeted advertising, Zillow/Trulia/Realtor, etc.
  • What main Core Database are you using to manage your leads? If more than one main database which would you prefer to use as your Core Database? If you're unsure, Steve can review and suggest the best Core Database for you.
  • What additional databases do you use to manage your leads?
  • Do you use a separate database or system for your Buyer leads?
  • Do you use a separate database or system for your Seller leads?
  • Do you have websites or systems used to auto-capture leads? Include name(s), link(s) to system(s), and login information.
  • Do you have leads that need to be manually captured? These are leads from in-person meetings, open house sign-in sheets and anything not automatically captured and sent to a database system.
  • Do you receive leads from Zillow, Trulia or Realtor.com? Are these leads currently auto-synced with your main database?
  • Are their any additional systems or databases used for your leads we have not already covered?

Database Conversion - SOI and other contacts

During the first 30 to 90 days of Lead Management we will also convert your personal, email and social contacts and add them to your Core Database.

  • Do you have personal or professional accounts with the following services: Facebook, Google/Gmail, LinkedIn? If yes, which ones? Include all services in your logins report to us.

Every lead in your database is worth at least $100. One of the first steps of Lead Management is working together to code all of your leads using our Core Database Coding scheme. Doing this ensures that your leads are properly coded and managed for daily, weekly and monthly work completed by Lead Management, Marketing, Calling and others, including you.

During the first 30 days of service we work with you to complete a one-time conversion and coding of all of your leads. Afterwards we perform monthly maintenance and cleanup of your database.

Your Key Assistant will teach you how to properly code your leads using our Billion Dollar Agent system for Core Database Coding. Your Lead Management assistant will work behind-the-scenes to convert and cleanup your database so that we can run a Billion Dollar Agent system efficiently.

  • Do you understand that Core Database Coding is required in order for us to manage your leads?
  • Are you willing to dedicate the time needed to properly code all of your leads so that we can help you stop wasting leads?
  • Are all of your leads currently coded? If so what scheme is being used?

Most agents do not know the source of leads they have closed. Most agents do not follow up on their closed leads. Most agents are wasting valuable leads. We can help you manage your closed leads, increase your referrals and increase your GCI.

  • What MLS (multiple listing systems) do you use to manage your listings? Include name(s), link(s) to system(s) and login information.
  • Do you know the source of every lead you have closed in the past 3 years? What systems, if any, are used to track the source of your Clients - Closed? If you do not have the source of every lead closed in your main database we will need access to your client contracts for the current year and previous two years so we can match up MLS addresses to client names and contact information.

Our calling team can help you call 100 leads or 10,000 leads. We call to verify new leads, keep in touch with your buyer and seller leads, FSBO, farm leads, etc.

  • About how many hours per week do you spend calling your leads?
  • How do you currently track your new leads? Updating a database directly with notes, updating a spreadsheet, writing notes on paper about your leads, voicemail transcription recordings, etc.
  • We will be coding all of your new leads with a Next Call Date (NCD). do you have a lead follow-up plan for new leads? If so what is your NCD scheme?
  • Do you have a backlog of leads that need to be called? If so approximately how many leads need to be called by our Calling team?
  • Which of your leads do you want us to call for you? We can call and verify new leads, call previous sellers and buyers, call to update contact information, invite A and B rated leads to special events you host, etc.

Our Marketing Team’s core services include weekly online marketing, monthly emailed newsletters and monthly mailed postcards.

  • Do you currently use Action Plans for marketing to your leads? If yes, which specific plans do you use.
  • What Marketing services do you currently use?
  • Which services would you like to use?
  • Which services would you like us to manage?
  • Do you have other agents that work for you? If yes how many agents?
  • If you have agents how do you currently hold them accountable for calling and following up on leads? If you have a system in place for Agent Accountability please detail.
  • Would you like us to manage your agents and hold them accountable for following-up on leads?

What are your top 3 Lead Management wishlist items?

Questions not to include in Lead Management Analysis Kick-off

  • Has your Lead Management Assistant contacted you yet? (Every KA should know the status of their LMAs, it is not the client's responsibility to track LMAs)
  • Have you started the coding process? (Every KA should go through Core Database Coding on the phone with their clients and code a batch of leads together.
  • Do you understand the contact types or do you need help with that? Same thing. Be hands-on and complete this during calls.
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