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Mortgage Lender Questions

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Mortgage Lender Questions (as part of Lead Management)Questions and information to ask for when there are questions specific to preferred lenders and how to get a team using the same lender:

  • Please have lenders send Excel of all leads they have gotten from you and your team since January of the current year
  • Include status and results for each lead
  • If they cannot produce that, then it is likely they are not managing leads well themselves. This is an important piece to understand right up front
  • Ask them also to send list of everyone pre-approved from your team so far this year and status of each lead
  • This information above will show us what closed as well
  • Please send the following information on the Lender:
  • What is name of lender
  • Background of lender
  • and how much has this lender been paying you for how long?
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