Gmail Contacts

  • From your Gmail account, choose Gmail >Contacts.
  • Select More >Export.
  • Choose the contact group you want to export.
  • Choose the export format CSV
  • Choose Export.
  • When prompted, choose Save As, and browse to a location to save the file.


We can export your Google contacts and add them to your Core Database. We can also check your emails, organize your folders or setup your Google Voice.

In order to do this we need three things from you: Your Google username Your Google password Your Google verification codes

Google has updated its 2-step authentication process and now requires, in addition to a username and password, a verification code to allow anyone to login to your account from a new device or new location. To add new trusted devices (and allow your assistants to login to your Gmail) you must share your verification codes with your Key Assistant. Without verification codes a new assistant cannot login to your account. Your username and password alone are no longer sufficient.

Google provides you with a set of 10 single-use verification codes at a time. A new verification code must be used for every new device.

The step-by-step for accessing your verification codes is the following:

To setup a Google account so that assistants can log into it:

You will need your username, password and a device that you normally use to access Google with you as you complete these steps:

Login into your account at: Sign in - Google Accounts

Under Sign in and Security click Signing into Google on the right side of the page. Under Password and Sign in Method click 2-step verification (it doesn’t matter if your verification is on or off) From the Protect your account with 2-Step Verification screen click GET STARTED Login with your password Make sure you have one of the listed devices with you so you can verify your account immediately From the Use your phone as your second sign-in step screen click TRY IT NOW Open one of your connected devices (phone/computer) and click Yes on the device to verify it is you - the page will automatically forward to a new page when you click Yes on the device.

Once you are at the screen that says:Almost there! Add a backup option click USE ANOTHER BACKUP OPTION Once you are at the screen that says: Save your backup codes so you'll always have account access Click Print and save. Save as PDF file. Email the printed codes to your KA.

Codes are single use PER device, meaning that the 10 codes can be used for 10 different devices by your assistants. You can send only 1 code but you will have to repeat this same process every time a new device or user needs to log in.

Assistant: Sign in on a computer or device you trust. When you enter a verification code, select Don't ask again on this computer. Benefits to you: You can grant access to your assistants securely and quickly Google’s verification service prevents phishing attempts and password hacking. If you lose your phone and cannot access your own Google account your Key Assistant can provide you with one of these stored verification codes so you can quickly regain access of your contacts, files and emails.

Remove Old Verification Codes from Use with your Google Account Simply generate a new set of verification codes; the new group of 10 verification codes will replace the old remaining codes. The old codes will no longer work. Remove trusted users from your Google account

If at any time you want to remove a user or device from your account:

From your desktop or laptop: Login into your account at: Sign in - Google Accounts Go to Device activity and security events and click on REVIEW DEVICES under Recently used devices Click on device to remove and under Account Access click REMOVE

From an Android Phone or tablet: On your Android phone or tablet, open your device's Settings app Google Google Account. At the top, tap Security. Under “Signing in to Google,” tap 2-Step Verification. You might need to sign in. Under “Devices you trust,” tap Revoke all.

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