Lead Management Kick-off - Day 1 to 10

Clients who work with Best Agent Business end up with a cleaner, more organized and more valuable database.

The Database Management Kickoff phases last for 30 days. The goal is to have all of the basic major Client/SOI/Buyer/Seller sections accurate within 30 days. Then, we switch to general Database Management.

This page provides an overview of Database Sources for Lead Management and the flow for a kickoff. In order to begin Lead Management work, your Key Assistant will have a Lead Management Kickoff call. During this call, your Key Assistant will gather important information needed for Best Agent Business to assume the responsibility of your leads.

Lead Management includes pulling together all possible people and contacts from all possible sources to consolidate to the main database. The Core Database is usually a product like Top Producer, WiseAgent, eEdge, Salesforce, and others. We often find 10+ database sources. The process may take up to one month including the time for the client to review/code the people.

This process is a one-time massive organization and cleanup effort that is worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for your business. It is tedious yet insanely valuable. We require about one hour of your time to review/code every 200 records in Excel spreadsheet which we then update or import to your database.


  • Identify and gather hundreds/thousands of people/contacts/leads from all possible sources.
  • Get organized, deduped/merged, and coded by the client as Client, SOI, Vendor, Seller, Buyer, Agent and other codes.
  • Import/update in main database and create a monthly process for regular updates.

Financials - Net Profit

Our Billion Dollar Agent research has shown that with proper Client Marketing, your Core Database of Clients/SOI/Vendors should get a 4-10% conversion rate per year from repeat, first-time, and referral business. For example, if you have 100 people, you should get 4-10 deals per year. If you have 500 people, you should get 20-50 deals per year.

Based on this, if you have a $200,000 average sales price and $6,000 average commission check, then every single person in your database is worth 4-10% or $250-$600 per year of commission. We usually find that your SOI-C people are worth perhaps $100/year, SOI-B worth $500/year, and Client ABC and SOI-A are worth $1,000/year or more. We recommend spending about $25/year on Client Marketing of sending a Monthly Email Newsletter, Monthly Mailed Postcard, and doing Quarterly Calling of all Clients/SOI/Vendors

Send end all new leads and lead updates to us at leads@bestagentbusiness.com or fax to 240-751-4247.

Database Sources

These are the majority of database sources used by your Lead Management Assistant and Key Assistant to work with you.

We need all logins/passwords or exports from all of these systems.

General Sources

  • Phone contacts
  • Email contacts
  • Social media contacts
  • Twitter

Database Sources

  • Databases - old and new
  • Top Producer, WiseAgent, Agent Office, eEdge etc.
  • Big Buyer Lead systems
  • Agentjet, BoomTown, Commissions Inc, Kunversion, Market Leader, Prodigy, Real Geeks, Real Estate Webmasters, Success Websites, and TigerLead
  • Newsletter and magazine Sources
  • iContact
  • American Lifestyle
  • Home By Design
  • Call Capture system
  • Arch
  • Proquest
  • VoicePad
  • MLS
  • Auto email listing alerts from MLS

Steps to complete with your Key Assistant

Before the Kickoff Call

In order to prepare you for the Lead Management Kickoff call have the following information gathered:

  • Database(s) you currently use
  • Sources of your leads
  • Coding schemes you currently use
  • Systems, if any, for calling, marketing and agent accountability of leads
  • Logins - send logins to logins@bestagentbusiness.com. *Note: Please do not send credit card, bank or other financial logins. We do not store this information.
  • Contact Lists - If you have a list of Client/SOI/Vendor contacts that aren't in your Database, email them to database@bestagentbusiness.com

During your call, your Key Assistant will also teach you how to code your leads using our Core Database Coding system.

After the Kickoff Call

  • Financials - Send requested financial information to your Key Assistant if you were not able to answer all financial questions during your Kickoff Call.

After your Kickoff call your Key Assistant will send you a summary of what was discussed during the Lead Management Kickoff call, a Core Database Coding report and a first draft Lead Management Plan.

One-time Core Database Coding Report

Your Key Assistant will access your Core Database to export reports for your review and correction for any of your leads which are coded as: Client Closed (current and previous year), Client Under Contract, Buyer - A and Seller - A.

Review and correct the report and return it to your Key Assistant. Once the report is confirmed to be correct a copy will be sent to Steve Kantor for advanced Lead Management Analysis.

Steps to Complete with your Lead Management Assistant

Your Lead Management assistant will send you a welcome email, a Logins report, your first Monthly Database Summary report and cleanup files that you must code using our Core Database Coding system so that we can get your database and leads in order.

Logins Report

The Logins Report is a list of all service logins used in your business to manage your leads. Your Lead Management Assistant will verify that all logins are accessible and sent you a report showing all logins we have on file.

Monthly Database Summary

The Monthly Database Summary report is a snapshot of all of the leads in your Core Database, the current value of your database and actions required to ensure that your database is kept clean and that all leads are coded and up-to-date.

The report is used by Key Assistants, Lead Management, Calling and Marketing to effectively manage your leads.

Cleanup Files

Your Lead Management Assistant will send you one or more Database Cleanup Sheets (depending on the size of your database). Each sheet will contain up to 500 contacts for you to code using our Core Database Coding system. Be sure to complete and return your coding every week until all leads have been coded and returned to your Key Assistant and Lead Management Assistant.

Code and return the Database Cleanup Sheets sent to you by your Lead Management Assistant. If you have any questions about how to properly code your leads contact your Key Assistant who can teach you how to properly code leads. Return coded leads to your Key Assistant and Lead Management Assistant so they can be added to your Core Database.

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