Closing Management

A weekly report that contains your most up-to-date Closing Management information. It is important for your Closings to be tracked and accurate at all times. It is a resourceful tool for both you and Best Agent Business to manage your Database.

There are three main tags we use to help code your Closing Management Database:

  • Client - Active Seller
  • Client - Under Contract
  • Client - Closed 2018 (2017, etc.)

This report tracks your statuses, GCI, etc. for the year.

Your report will be sent weekly and will appear in the following format. Should you have any concerns, you would email back to your Database Assistant, and they can help clean-up your database.

Subject: Clean-up Database - Client Closed 2012
Attachments: 2-Agent Summary and Detailed Summary

Hello, Client,

Since your last Weekly Closing Report, have any of your properties closed or have you had anything go under contract? If so, Congratulations! Please be sure to notify us right away, if you haven't already, so we can update your Top Producer Closing Summary.

Currently, you have 5 closings pending with 5 closings with a past-due closing date.

The past-due closings are:

2317 Western, Park Ridge
96087 N.41st. way, Phoenix
944 Green Bay Road, Glencoe

2742 Hampshire Road, #Unit 4, Cleveland Heights

If there have been updates to these closing dates, please let your Key Assistant or Database Assistant know so she can update Top Producer. If the property has closed, please send HUD-1.

Pending Closings: $375,000.00 sales volume

Closed YTD: None

Attached are your following closing reports:

  • Agent Summary Closing Report
  • Detailed Closing Report

Thank you.
Database Assistant's signature

Should you still feel that you don't want your Weekly Closing report, we encourage you to schedule a call with Steve, and he will discuss this with you. It is mandatory for all clients unless Steve gives us the ok to cease all reports of this nature.

**Database Management - Closing Tracking**

End of the Year Closing Tracking is required by all Best Agent Business clients in an effort to maintain and manage the client's database, which Steve Kantor requires for every client. Our goal is to have all client's databases updated by the end of December which will help our clients just in time for Tax season!

__**What we need to submit for each closing?**__
Any of the following:
Your broker's list of closings
Or you can send the following info: Seller/Buyer names, Property Address, Source of the customer (how did the customer find you?), sales price, closing date, commission
__**When will my database be updated?**__
Our goal is to have the databases updated by the end of December, just in time for Tax season AND the beginning of the launch of your 2014 Marketing Campaigns!
__**Am I required to submit my closings?**__
Yes, this is a Best Agent Business requirement.

Who can I contact to find out more information or to ask questions?

**Why is Closing Tracking Required** - [[|Printable PDF]]


**Q: I already have someone entering my closings into my database, do I still have to submit mine?**
A: Not necessarily, just let us know that you already have someone handling it and we'll do a quick check and make sure everything is accurate. We think it's great that you have this covered and would love the opportunity to chat with that person and see if they need any tips in utilizing your database to the best of it's abilities!

**Q: Why do we have to do this if we only have Best Agent Business handling our Leads/Calling?**
A: We've found that entering the closings is a great way to make sure all of your leads are coded correctly to avoid calling sellers/buyers that are already conducting business with you.
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