Core Database Coding

Did you know that coding your database leads is worth $1000 per hour to you?

We help manage all leads in your Systems We Support using our standardized Core Database Coding system.

One of the first steps to stop wasting your leads is to review and code all leads in your database. Yes, ALL leads. You must do this. At first this task may seem daunting. Once you understand the value of your leads it may be fun.

Many agents waste leads and lose money because they fail to complete Core Database Coding of their database. You only need to code all of your leads once. If you code your leads so that we can add them to your Systems We Support and market to them, your GCI will grow year after year. This is a vital difference between Billion Dollar Agents and those who struggle.

Core Database Coding Report

Your Key Assistant will access your Core Database to export reports for your review and correction for any of your leads which are coded as: Client Closed (current and previous year), Client Under Contract, Buyer - A and Seller - A.

Review and correct the report and return it to your Key Assistant. Once the report is confirmed to be correct a copy will be sent to Steve Kantor for advanced Lead Management Analysis.

Core Database

Your Core Database is your main database in which all leads will be coded, added and managed by Best Agent Business.

Best Agent Business supports approximately 100 different database systems/CRM platforms including:

  • Top Producer
  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Realtor
  • Boomtown
  • Commissions Inc.
  • E-Edge
  • Follow Up Boss
  • Kunversion
  • WiseAgent

Core Database Codes

Core Database Codes (printable PDF version)

All new and unqualified leads are marked as New until reached via phone live or solid email response to qualify. All leads should be qualified within one week of receipt, preferably within 1-2 days. As a lead is qualified, this type is replaced by ABC types below. See Advanced area at bottom for email only leads.

All new buyer leads will start as Buyer – New Lead so it will be easy to see leads that have not yet been contacted

A new seller lead

The lead is interested in buying or selling, open to talking, and codes are based on estimated time frame and motivation before first showing or listing appointment.

All Buyer ABC leads must have a Next Call Date. It is suggested that Next Call Date is roughly one week for A, 2-3 weeks for B, and one month for C.

Buyer – A

0-30 days until showing starts. (Hot lead.) Should be in process for pre- approval

Buyer – B

1-3 months. Warm lead. Pretty sure they will buy with someone

Buyer – C

3+ months

Seller – A

0-30 days to listing decision. May or may not have had listing appointment

Seller – B

1-3 months to listing appointment

Seller – C

3+ months to listing decision If they decide not to sell, you often move them from Seller – C to SOI – C for ongoing marketing

Unsure if Interested or Not Interested

Some leads have been reached live and qualified, but the notes are unclear.

Buyer – Unsure

This is used for lead management cleanup of older leads. If there is no note showing the lead was ever qualified, or the last contact showed interest but was long ago or unclear of current timeframe, or the notes are not clear enough to be sure.

During cleanup, many leads are Buyer – Unsure until reviewed and reached live.

Seller – Unsure

his is used for lead management cleanup of older leads. If there is no note showing the lead was ever qualified, or the last contact showed interest but was long ago or unclear of current timeframe, or the notes are not clear enough to be sure.

During cleanup, many leads are Seller – Unsure until reviewed and reached live.

Client Active

Client – Active Seller

A seller client with active listing

Client – Under Contract - Buyer

A buyer under contract with pending deal

Client – Under Contract - Seller

A seller under contract with pending deal

Clients are all past clients you have completed a transaction with. All clients should have both an ABC ranking, and must also have Client Closed - Buyer - “year” or a Client Closed - Seller - “year” tag. Proper source is critical for all clients as well.

Client – A

A client who has provided a referral or done a second transaction

Client – B

A client who you think would provide a referral or do a second transaction

Client – C

A client you are unsure about referral/repeat

Client – D

A client you do not want to contact or do business with again. To be safe, remove address, phone, email from these records. They are kept in database for proper total transaction details for history and to remind you of type of clients to avoid in future.

Client Closed - Buyer - “year”** and **Client Closed - Seller - “year”

This tag must be included for all contacts that have closed in the present year and the year prior (at least). This can also be done for all past clients if the information is available.

  • Option: decide with your client if they want/need the Buyer/Seller designation

All of these people should be people you have met but have not done business with. They may or may not remember your name but you have met them.


A person who has provided a referral.


A person who you think would provide a referral or use your services for their next real estate transaction.


A person who you are unsure whether they would refer or use your services.

Not Interested When you qualify a lead on phone or email and they are Not Interested, it may be because the buyer is Lost and has already bought a house or other reasons.

They bought a house with another agent. Be enthusiastic and congratulate them. Find out when they bought house, who was their agent, and how they chose them instead of our company. Wish them many years of happiness in new home. Get address, find out when they are closing, and add to notes.

Listing lost due to another agent taking listing at a price which is higher than client would have listed the home. On call cycle to check for expireds.

Listing lost to competition, fair and square. This is useful to note truly lost listing appointments and learn from lost appointments.

If the lead is resolved and dead for a variety of reasons. BAB reviews monthly and codes in more detail based on notes. If not interested in buying, determine whether lead or should be Buyer – C for 12-24 month next call date.

This is very rare. If a seller did not list, they are a likely lead in the future or perhaps SOI.

If more than one agent is involved with sales, such as a team, each lead should be assigned to specific agent. Format is Agent - FIRST LAST. This is also used to track referral agents when leads are referred out to an agent. This is for team leaders, buyer’s agents, referral agents, and other callers such as BAB.

Agent – Mike Jones

Lead assigned to Mike Jones

Agent – Unsure

If it is unclear who is Agent or older lead and needs to be reassigned.

Agent – BAB

BAB calling team are calling these leads

We have more advanced lead management contact types for marketing areas such as FSBO, Expired, Farm Marketing, Client Marketing, Vendors. As the need is identified, we will provide special systems for these areas.

Email only types are important to differentiate leads with no phone numbers who need email contact. Use the following tags for these contacts:

Buyer/Seller – New Lead - Email Only

A new buyer or seller with no phone number. These leads will need personal email contact

Buyer/Seller – Old Lead - Email Only

An older buyer or seller with no phone number

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