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Closing Management

Closing Management handles all business systems from the point of first meeting with a buyer/seller lead until Day 100 after closing the deal. Closing Management generates leads. Lead Management handles all leads from new lead to completion of first meeting with a buyer/seller. Closing Management tracks all buyer/seller leads after first meeting to move them forward to closing and happy client with referrals.

All clients will have a Closing Management Kickoff call with their Key Assistant and Closing Management Assistant within 2 months of starting with Best Agent Business. This is required for us to provide best possible overall service, whether or not the client chooses to use services from this team. The Kickoff call takes about 15-30 minutes for a quick review and information gathering. If you have a specific need for one of our core services, please allow an additional 15-30 minutes to discuss each of those services.

Discover the services Closing Management offers and the Kickoff steps to get you started.

Closing Management Kickoff

We are excited to start working with you! Prior to starting your Closing Management work, we will need to obtain materials from you as well as have a conference call to discuss your needs. Here are the steps to starting your Closing Management work with Best Agent Business:

  1. Day 1-10: Gather Closing Management Background Information. Review Closing Management Overview or Closing Management - Overview. Please complete the following document and send to your Key Assistant 3 days prior to your Closing Management Kickoff call: Closing Management Kickoff Checklist or Closing Management Kickoff Checklist - Fillable Doc
  2. Day 1-10: Attend Closing Management Kickoff call with your Key Assistant and Closing Management Assistant. And, review our Working With Your Closing Management Assistant page.
  3. Day 10-30: Closing Management Agenda Approval: Please review and approve the Closing Management Agenda which your Closing Management Assistant sends to you 24 hours after your Kickoff call.

Remember, please send the completed materials needed to your Key Assistant 3 days prior to our Closing Management Kickoff call. Having this information will speed up response time to get your Closing Management work completed quickly.

Core Closing Management

  • Listing Management: Get the listing, do all listing management steps including listing Closing Management, Craigslist posting, Seller Feedback calling to touch base, and Showing Feedback follow up to get results of showings.
  • Buyer Management: Get the buyer pre-approved with lender, get showings flowing, get buyer agreement signed, and manage Showing Agents or Buyer's Agents to make sure no ball is dropped and maximum conversion rate from first meeting with buyer to closed deal.
  • Closing Management: This begins when Listing Management and Buyer Management leads to an offer and going under-contract. Closing Management includes proactive Client Services touch base call to over deliver on service and increase referrals. It also includes post-closing client touch points via phone, email, mail, and visits to gather testimonials and referrals ending at Day 100. After Day 100, the Client is rated as Client-A, Client-B, or Client-C and handled ongoing by Client Closing Management and Lead Management.

Once you are ready to use one or more of our core services, simply complete and return Closing Management - Core Services or Closing Management - Core Services - Fillable Doc form to your Key Assistant to get your Closing Management Core Services Kickoff call scheduled.

Billion Dollar Agent Ready?

President Steve Kantor presents these Closing Management - Videos of how Best Agent Business works with you to take you and your business to the next level.

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