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Closing Management

The purpose of the Closing Management team is to leverage the Agent’s time by taking on less productive, lower paid closings tasks, so the Agent can focus on the higher paid, more productive tasks. The Closing Management Team will provide quality, professional, proactive, timely, and accurate results for the Agent. This will result in not only the Agent being happy with the Closing Management Team’s work, but also all closing parties involved.

See Closing Management - Overview for complete overview of Closing Team including Listing Management, Buyer Management and Closing Management.

We are excited to start working with you! Prior to starting your marketing work, we will need to obtain marketing materials from you as well as have a conference call to discuss your needs. Here are the steps to starting your Marketing Work with Best Agent Business:

  1. Day 1-10: Gather Closing Management Information: Please complete the following documents and send to your Key Assistant along with the images/logos/examples needed 3 days prior to your Closing Management Kickoff call. Kickoff Plan and Kickoff Questionnaire
  2. Day 1-10: Attend Closing Management Kickoff call with your Key Assistant and Closing Management Assistant. And, review our Working With Your Closing Management Assistant page.
  3. Day 10-30: Closing Management Agenda Approval: Review the Closing Management Agenda which your Closing Assistant sends to you 24 hours after your Closing Management Kickoff call and approve.

Remember, please send the materials needed 3 days prior to our Closing Management Kickoff Call. Having this information will speed up response time to get your Closing work completed quickly.

Our main mission is to start the Closing process slow. While Listing and Closing Management tend to go hand-in-hand, Listings is able to take off and move at a fast speed whereas Closings should move slow in the beginning. Closing Management moves slower because we are learning your process and documenting the process to form your perfect Closing plan which is where the value lies. This helps eliminate errors that could end up costing everyone time and money.

Would you like us to help with Closing Management and Transaction Coordination?

If you are ready to schedule your Kickoff call, please print, read, complete, and return the Kickoff Plan along with the Kickoff Questionnaire to Make sure to cc your Key Assistant.

We have a tracking system to ensure all work is being completed. Please send all work for Closing Management, including basic emails to

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