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Updated: 9/23/2014

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The Buyer Agent Accountability Challenge

This page explains what to expect from your Buyer Agents upon signing up for Agent Management services with Best Agent Business, and how you can help in the accountability process.

1) Best Agent Business would fire 90% of the buyer agents for most of our clients due to the fact that they are known for either completely neglecting incoming leads, or calling them and “dropping the ball” because the lead was not ready to buy and close immediately.
2) Rather than following up with these leads, they search, for other more “quality” leads, without making any calls. The “B” leads (contacts ready to buy in 30 -60 days and “C” leads: (ready to buy 60 days and over) will then become lost to another Realtor, and therefore wasted.
3) Most Buyer Agents do not want to be held accountable and, after you sign-up with us, will most likely be offended that they are going to be getting a call from us to help them stay on track, and be held accountable to calling leads, and prospecting every day.

  • Remember, we said “most” Buyer Agents, not all of them. Some BA’s welcome the challenge, and want to grow and succeed in their Real Estate Business.
  • It’s important for us to know how long they have been working in Real Estate thus far.

4) It’s been proven, that time blocked out every day solely for “lead-focus”, (ie: calling leads) will bring in more business for the Buyer Agent and, ultimately, you. All of the B and C leads need to be nurtured until they become “A” leads. To nurture them is to keep in contact with them weekly until they are ready to move forward.

Best Agent Business initial interview template with a buyers agent - Buyers Agent Initial Interview

1) Have weekly meetings with your agents to discuss their progress in following up on leads.
2) Make sure they are having their weekly calls with the Agent Management assistant they were introduced to. (This call should only be 30minutes per week, and should be scheduled at the same time and day every week.)
3) If they are productive in touching all of the leads either given to them or generated on their own, give them more, and keep a record of how many leads have been nurtured to Buyer A Status. Have a tracking method for these leads and their progress.
4) Attend a Bi-weekly call with your Agent Management assistant to discuss the progress of your agents, and feel free to ask any questions or address any concerns.
5) The Agent Management assistant will provide you with a report each week for each agent at the beginning of the week for the prior week stating the progress they have made with their calling, how many logs were submitted, how many live answers, appointments made, etc. – Review these reports as they provide valuable information to ensure that your agents are being held accountable.
6) After the trial 10 paper call logs have been submitted, and after the agent has consistently entered their calls into our online daily log for one month, they will be ready to be rated. You will be provided with an “Agent Rating” report from your Agent Management Assistant.

As in your Agent Management Plan and Agreement, the ratings and our suggestions are defined below:

A-Agent is always following up on leads, is able to convert leads to clients. Has multiple showings and appointments made weekly. They block out time daily for lead-focus and as a result, are touching an abundance of leads as suggested. Has the ability to close deals. This agent is prompt and responsive to calls. –
Suggestion: Distribute the most “A” leads to this Agent.

B-Agent is mostly following up on leads. They may work part time, however, they seem to get appointments with prospective buyers anyway. They sometimes convert leads to clients.
They are almost always responsive. They lack time management skills however, they have a desire to succeed, and have closed deals, but most importantly they wish to improve and are teachable.
Suggestion: Distribute B and C leads to this Agent and overflow of “A” leads from “A” – rated agent.

C- Agent is non-responsive to calls – Does not block out time daily for lead-focus
When calling leads, has difficulty obtaining the correct information or making appointments.
Seems as though calls are non-productive when making them – They may have a negative attitude, or have poor communication skills. Lack the desire to “go to any lengths” to succeed.
Suggestion: Hold a meeting to discuss how you can assist them to reach leads, and provide support. Explain to them that too many leads are being wasted and you need to pull some back to reassign until the agent can
Consistently make daily contact with an increased amount of leads, submit call logs daily, and increase the amount of appointments they are making with prospective buyers. Give them 1 week to show results. If they do not
Respond, let them go and use our Agent Recruiting services to assist in finding you another Buyer Agent to take their place.

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