Client Talent Management - About Our Team

Our Story

The Talent Team at Best Agent Business consists of 3 services:

1) Recruiting

2) New employee Onboarding/Talent Management

3) Buyer's Agent Accountability

These services were revived in February of 2014 and began recruiting at full force for clients, utilizing a number of different methods.

This team began by recruiting Buyer Agentsand Showing Agents. From there we found there was a need for recruiting In-House Assistants, Contract Managers, Callers, Interns and more. We are currently able to recruit for numerous positions as well as manage on-boarding responsibilities for new employees and manage them directly. After all, we have helped to build these relationships, we want to continue them.

As we developed these services, we found that oftentimes Brokers and Real Estate Agents have more entrepreneurial skill set. This is where Best Agent Business comes into play. Best Agent Business is able to handle the Human relations aspect of things for our clients.

This is how our team has developed into a Talent Management Team. We manage the Talent for our clients from the interviewing process through the on-boarding phase and professional development areas, so that you can focus on building your business and let us develop your employee for you.

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