Cost Analysis Study

Cost Analysis Study
How much do you estimate it costs to hire an employee through a recruiting agency? Quotes range from $8,000 to $20,000 for an average $40,000 admin position. This includes a 12-week temporary time frame.
Staffing Quote 1
Clerical\Admin staffing:
Bill rate is 1.4 or 40% of their hourly wage.
Broken down (for a 40k admin) 19.25 pay rate, 26.95 bill rate. (we handle FICA,FUTA, and SUTA taxes, take care of payroll, drug testing, background screens and reference checks)
Over the entire 480 hour period that we require, the total cost would be $3360 dollars (outside of their standard payroll of approximately $9,240)
(candidates may also be “bought out” at a rate subtracted from their already paid amount, if the company wants to hire them prior to our 480 hour agreement)

Staffing Quote 2

Temp to Hire Rate: 50% Markup of candidate's Hourly rate ($19.25 x .50=$28.88 per hour)720 hour agreement
Direct Hire Rate: 20% Markup of candidate's Hourly rate or 20% markup of candidate's annualized salary ($19.25 x .20=$23.10 per hour)($40,000 x .20 =$8,000)
Pay roll Rate: 30% Markup of candidate's hourly rate ($19.25 x .30=$25.02 per hour)

The average cost for Best Agent Business to find your next great employee was $432. The average time to hire someone is 2-4 weeks.

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