Agent Recruiting Questions

Interview Questions - Steve Kantor Version 12/29/2016

  • The goal is to interview for a variety of topics including ability to take notes, follow instructions, send professional email, do web research, do spreadsheets and basic financial information, integrity, testimonials/referrals, life Time Happiness Money status, work hours, unique talents, voice, knowledge of current events, TV shows, magazines, social media.

Interview Start

  • Interviewer calls the Recruit. Interview will be 15-30 minutes and it is a bit different.
  • Confirm Recruit has time, sitting down to focus, and has a note pad. Explain taking notes is very important. The quality of their notes is a part of the interview.
  • Mail copy of notes within 3 days to Steve Kantor, 4835 Cordell Ave Apt 1105, Bethesda, MD 20814. Tell them this at end.
  • Write down all questions. Send email with all questions and their short answers by COB the next day.


  • Tell me about your background from birth to age 18. Where were you born, grew up, family, school?
  • What did you do since age 18 until real estate in terms of school, work, etc.?
  • How did you get into real estate and why?
  • What is real estate history?
  • What do you love about real estate business in terms of actual work stuff and pumps you up with positive emotional energy?
  • What percent of time are you doing stuff you love?
  • What percent of time are you doing stuff you hate or do not like or wish you did not have to do in real estate?
  • What are those things?

Financial History

  • What are your last 3 years numbers in terms of deals and GCI?
  • What is your goal in terms of deals, GCI, and net profit for coming year?
  • Overall in your life, do you save money, breakeven, or go more into debt based on your financial performance this year?
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