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Best Agent Business can grow your business to the next level with our Client Talent Management Services

Your time is valuable. Posting ads, phone screening candidates, and sorting through resumes takes time. Time that is better spent nurturing leads and closing sales.

Best Agent Business takes the time to do your recruiting for you, so that you only take the time to meet with the top candidates for your position.

Our team will create and post the ad, pre-screen the candidates for your minimum qualifications, conduct telephone interviews for you and will only pass along the top-rated candidates. Your time is freed up to spend closing the deals that grow your business.

Once you decide to hire a candidate, it takes time to train and develop them.

Best Agent Business helps with this process by being in continuous contact with your newly hired employee in order to coach and advise them during their first six months.

While they are being trained in the day-to-day procedures, Best Agent Business is ensuring they are developing and growing to their full potential, while acting as your liaison. We want to make sure your employees are happy and productive for you and that things are running smoothly so that you have peace of mind while you are out of the office closing sales.

Our Client Talent Management and Accountability Program adds another layer of service to you. This 3-month program will coach and focus your Buyer’s Agents on Time Management, Goal accomplishment and the importance of lead follow-up. Your Agents will increase their productivity after learning how to properly follow-up with current leads, focus on their short and long term goals and become better Agents overall.

If you want to hire the best Talent and help grow your business, contact Steve Kantor, President of Best Agent Business at or 202-297-2393.

  • Hire the Best Talent
  • Let us find the best candidates
  • We will take the time to screen them for you
  • You get to pick from the Top-rated candidates
  • Train and Develop
  • Let us be your liaison
  • Coaching, Goal focus and unique talent development
  • Peace of mind
  • Grow your Business
  • Coaching and Goal focus
  • Lead follow-up
  • Increased productivity

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Stop Wasting Leads!

Best Agent Business is proud to introduce a new and innovative service for clients called Client Talent Management and Accountability.

The Client Talent Management Team’s Goal is to: generate $10,000 - $12,000 GCI more per agent.

Think Big Picture: How much is an Agent worth to you if the agent closes 5 more deals a year with us managing the agent? Client Talent Management and Accountability could lead to $15,000 extra income for you. Here is how the numbers were determined: Average deal $200,000 at 3% = $6,000 split 50/50 with agent, which is $3,000 extra income for you per deal times 5 extra deals per year = $15,000 extra income in your pocket!

What we do:

  • Set goals for each agent deals closed per month
  • Obtain weekly lead calling commitments by having weekly calls with your agents.
  • Coach agents to assist them with reaching more leads and to help improve their follow-up skills.
  • Hold agents accountable for achieving lead calling goals by having them complete and send in paper daily logs for 10 days. After the tenth paper call log is submitted to Best Agent Business, they will be granted access to our online daily log.
  • Conduct monthly goal interviews with agents
  • Adjust goals to meet the current needs of each business
  • Your budget will depend on how many agents you would like us to Manage: One hour per agent for the first two weeks and after that it will be scaled down to a half an hour per week per agent to have the weekly calls with them to assist with the daily log.

What do you need to do to get started?

Tell your Key Assistant and he/she will schedule the call and connect you with our Team!



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