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Basic Process

  • Best Agent Business posts Ad for Recruit
  • We will Post on multiple sites such as Craigslist.
  • We will see what free sites are in Client area
  • Some other free sites:
  • Local Newspaper if free online
  • Applicants response to Craigslist ad is emailed to client recruiting Gmail account.
  • Best Agent Business sends email requesting 10-15 phone interview
  • If they do not answer all of the questions or follow directions by replying to all then it is up to us to resend and ask them to please reply with all info or reject them because they did not follow directions.
  • If they respond to initial email and it is obvious they are not a good fit for the job based on their responses (i.e. they have zero real estate exp. or their grammar is poor, etc.) then we reject them immediately.
  • Best Agent Business conducts first 10-15 minute phone interview with the Applicant.
  • We will ask the approved interview questions by client on phone
  • Best Agent Business sends call notes from first interview to Client with recommendations for next step to second phone interview.
  • Client decides if he/she wants to move forward with 2nd Phone Interview
  • If yes, we send email scheduling interview
  • If no, we send reject email
  • Client conducts second 10-15 minute phone interview.
  • Client informs BAB how the interview went once completed and let's us know if they have decided to move to the next step which is an in-person interview
  • If so, the client MUST let BAB know the date of in-person interview.
  • Client conducts in-person interview.
  • Client decides if he/she will hire applicant.
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