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WANTED: Real Estate Buyer's Agent

If you are interested in gaining real estate experience while bringing home a pay check please read further!

I am currently seeking out Buyer Agents. You will find that you will be selling more homes than you have on your own and with less effort, resulting in more money in your pocket and more time with your family.

As a Buyer Agent for CLIENT NAME you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Work 10 leads initially given, with a possible increase based on performance.
  • Call a minimum of 2 hours each day Monday - Friday for a total of 10 hours each week.
  • Update and complete Weekly Lead Reports by Friday at 12pm.
  • Follow and complete Showing Reports by midnight.
  • Complete Daily Calling Log online.

You will have a 30 day trial period in which we will evaluate your performance of working leads. If you are excelling you will receive more leads and thus more commission. Once trial period is completed you will be evaluated based on overall results in order to determine if you will become a Full Buyer Agent.

If interested, please send the following:

  • Years in Real Estate
  • Your background and/or attach resume and DISC profile
  • How many deals did you close in 2011?
  • How many deals have you closed in 2012?

IMPORTANT: When sending in your resume please place in the subject line: YOUR NAME applying for Buyer Agent for CLIENT NAME

Ad 2

Super Successful Real Estate Team Looking for Licensed Agents

We Have Too Many Leads!!
Looking for dynamic and outgoing agents to take our leads and turn them into happy clients and commission checks.

Why are we different?

  • We have a steady flow of warm leads from our proven marketing/internet systems!
  • We leverage our past success and current systems for your highest success!
  • Our goal is to help you succeed…you win, we win!
  • Our agents have made of $100,000 this past year!


  • Active real estate license for at least 1 year
  • Ideal candidate will be self-motivated with a strong desire to succeed
  • Rapport building skills, experience in sales, team player and great attitude

If you are up for the challenge, please email your cover letter, resume & DISC assessment to [EMAIL]. Please title your email subject line with the following: “Buyer's Agent – I’m Awesome”. A free DISC assessment is available at

Ad 3:

Successful Real Estate Agent Needs Buyer's Agents

We like to do things a bit differently here, but whatever we are doing seems to work very well! We need 3 - 4 Buyer's Agents to join our team. And it could be you!

Do you have great customer service skills? Do you love to talk to people - never met a stranger in your life? Do you build connections or make 'friends' easily? Can you make calls and ask the right questions to get the best answers? Do you want more out of life than the same things day in and day out? Do you want to work in real estate?

If you can answer those questions with a YES, then what are you waiting for?

We are looking for Buyer's Agents and if you have a desire we can get you in this position. Sounds too good to be true we know, but go ahead and take a chance on us. We are looking for a person just like you. Let us know you are interested even if you are not currently a Buyer's Agent or in the real estate field.

If you are interested, send us your resume with your experience. We want to see where you shine even if you are working in an industry outside real estate.

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