Creative Ideas for Recruiting

This page is for creative ideas on recruiting new agents to real estate industry. It is part of Best Agent Business and our overall Agent Recruiting services. See: Agent Recruiting Overview for full details.

Need samples? Marketing - Agent Recruiting Samples

We divide Recruiting between people who are current licensed agents in your local MLS and people who are not. This page is brainstorming on people who are not currently agents.

  • Customer service superstars - random meetings
  • Students in college
  • New students in real estate school
  • Newly licensed agents in local MLS
  • Previous agents who let their license expire

Our goal is to have everyone involved in your team looking for excellent customer service talent of people who may have skills to become a real estate agent. This group of people includes the owners/team leaders, assistants, agents, and even perhaps your core group of 10-50 Clients/SOI who refer you business. They can also refer you potential talent to become a real estate agent.

  • Business Card - Recruiting - Customer Service
  • Create business cards for everyone to carry 5-10 at all times to give to any outstanding customer service person. The card should be clear enough that you could leave it as part of a tip at a restaurant without even speaking to the server about the idea and it will be clear.
  • The person receiving the card should feel good about being recognized for their customer service, good about the person and company who was thoughtful enough to take this approach, and think for a moment whether they have interest in real estate or they know someone with interest.
  • One side of card should be standard business card info on your real estate team.
  • The other side is the short clear message to get their attention and have them contact you.
  • The contact email for recruiting should be the Recruit Email created, with no phone number, so Best Agent Business is aware of anyone who responds to the card and makes sure they are given immediate attention and phone call.
  • On the card, offer a $100 referral bonus if they refer anyone who is hired as a real estate agent. We want them to pass the card along to other people.
  • Business card message/content. Here are some examples:
  • Wow - I was really impressed by your customer service!
  • Great job!
  • Have you ever considered becoming a real estate agent?
  • Or do you know someone who would be great at real estate?
  • Referral bonus of $100 if you are hired or refer someone who is hired.
  • Email us at EMAILADDRESS to schedule a time to chat on phone.
  • Intro Email and Letter PDF - Agent Recruiting - Customer Service
  • This should be the short email and 1 page PDF to attach which is sent to someone who inquires or someone who is referred.
  • It should state qualities of a successful real estate agent, give them link to personality profile test, and schedule phone interview with Best Agent Business.
  • Everyone who inquires should be given courtesy of a phone interview. We want to leave a good impression and they may know other people to refer.

If you are in an area with one or more colleges, we can contact the career office and have you as part of the recruiting process.

  • Hiring options
  • Summer interns to explore the field - paid $10/hour, PT or FT. Use them for courier/gopher, calling, technology/social media help and more.
  • Full-time - recruit Seniors as well as recently graduated students in Fall/Winter to take real estate classes and exam in Winter/Spring.
  • People to Contact
  • Career office both general and any business school.
  • Marketing professors or Sales professors.
  • Business fraternities or clubs involving marketing/sales/real estate or entrepreneurs.
  • Content
  • Job placement ads for Summer Interns and Full-Time Real Estate Agent.
  • Short email to introduce to professors or fraternities/clubs.
  • New Students in Real Estate School
  • Newly Licensed Agents in local MLS
  • Previous Agents who let their license expire
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