Identifying Agent Recruits

Best Agent Business helps with Recruiting by Targeting Agents such as Buyer's Agents and Showing Agents in your area. We do this with a 3 step process:


First, either we or you put together a list of agents to target. These are agents in the area surrounding you. Then we go through a process of excluding agents, including agents and third, we cold call.


Recruiting Overview

Target Agents

Database - Target Agents for Recruiting

We can help gather agent lists and sources or review your lists. We work with you to code the database to determine which agents to call.

The database coding we do is to tag those agents in your database as: Exclude - agents not to pursue or recruit

* Brokers - most all or specific who run brokerages
* Brokerages - may mass exclude certain brokerages
* Toxic - avoid toxic agents or agents you do not want
* Friends offices - you don't want to poach from a friend's office

Include - agents already in process

* Hot leads you have been speaking with as Recruit Agent - A
* Warm leads you have had some interaction or your agents have had interaction as Recruit Agent - B


* Recruit Agent - Target: Agents who we want to recruit and need to email and call to reach live
* Recruit Agent - A: Hot lead, met with, hope to sign with team within a month
* Recruit Agent - B: Warm lead, had phone call or some interaction - touch base monthly
* Recruit Agent - C: Neutral lead, spoke live, did not request removal or dead lead - touch base quarterly
* Recruit Agent - Dead Lead: Spoke live and no interest by recruit.
* Recruit Agent - Excluded: Excluded from any recruiting. Leave in database to make sure not pursued. Either excluded from the start or during interview process.

In terms of cold calling, once the list is narrowed down to the list of Agents that should be called, then we need an approved script. Our Calling Team Leader will speak with you and help you figure out a calling script that you like, as well as a connecting email.

When we reach a person live who shows interest in meeting with you, we send them the connecting email so the two of you are able to connect and move forward.

We also offer:

  • Introduce team/offer before calling
  • Sent after voice mail 1, voice mail 2, voice mail 3
  • Sent after live answer
  • Monthly emails with testimonial and theme
  • Cold call intro and offer
  • Calls to Recruit Agent - ABC leads.
  • Gather home address on first call or database license information.
  • Only mail to home address.
  • Never mail to office address

What do you need to do to get started?

Tell your Key Assistant and he/she will schedule the call and connect you with our Team!

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