Websites to Post Recruit Ads

When posting your ad to recruit for your available position - do you know what sites to use?

Best Agent Business has used many of the following paid sites with various rates of success (location dependent).

Monster - a 30 day Ad will run around $375. Very popular and well known platform for both job seekers and employers. Gives you the option of searching their database for job seekers. Please visit: Monster

Indeed - A more popular option for people on a smaller budget. Indeed offers a “Pay-Per-Click” option where you set a budget (normally $50) and each time someone “clicks” on your ad for more details, your account is charged a nominal fee (ranges from .25 cents to .75 cents) Database search option available. Please visit: Indeed. Client Talent Management's Top Rated Website for great and fast results!

Craigslist Paid - More options of visibility with Craigslist paid site. Please visit: Craigslist Paid Ads

LinkedIn Job Search - Post your job on LinkedIn and let job seekers and colleagues do the work! You can purchase an ad, or job credits (similar to Indeed Pay per click) A very popular option now that recruiting has quickly turned to Social Media platforms. Please visit: LinkedIn Job Posting

Tell your Key Assistant and he/she will schedule the call and connect you with our Team!

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