Onboarding - Agent Management

The purpose of Client Talent Management Onboarding is to assist the new employee with the required steps and tasks to begin their new position with our Client. Client Talent Management Assistant works with each Client to ensure that all required forms, system access, system training, and any other required steps are completed efficiently and the new employee has all the required tools and knowledge to perform work for the Client.

Best Agent Business can also work with the new employee up to their first 6 months to ensure their success in their role. We do this by: having weekly calls with the employee, acting as a sounding board when needed, identify any areas where the employee may need more training or identify what areas the employer may need to provide more resources to the employee.

Onboarding processes

  • Onboarding plan creation
  • Step by step process of onboarding specific to your office
  • Transfer and competition of license transfer or initial license request
  • Completion of all office required documents
  • W9's / Agent Bios / Compensation Summary / Employee Contracts / Disclosure agreements / Policies and Procedures / Independent Contractor forms / realtor Application forms
  • Forward documents to appropriate office personnel and online content
  • Order office required material
  • Business cards, signs, website additions, office logins,
  • Assist in Training of the agent or IHA
  • Ensure all steps are completed within specified timeline
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