Accountable for management of Sales Manager, Buyer Agents, Listing Agents and Admin staff.

Responsible for enforcement of Lead Management compliance for all Agents and implementing weekly lead rotation changes.

Responsible to spend 15 minutes weekly reviewing ISA results and procedures. Also spend 1 hour monthly with ISAs in person to review stats, set expectations, and ensure performance aligns with goals

Sales Manager

Accountable for approval of ISA appointment and incentive numbers

  • Enforce ISA performance to expectations, monitor results and implement warning/writeup when needed
  • Responsible for management of ISAs

Best Agent Business

Accountable for:

  • Weekly communication with each Agent to confirm and track
  • All new/changed transactions are captured and updated on CTE and FUB
  • Calls, emails, texts and all activity are being reported in FUB
  • Lead Generation numbers are being reported weekly
  • Weekly compliance reporting on Agents, ISAs, and financials. Determine lead rotation plan for upcoming week.
  • Maintaining and updating Lead Management best practices and Plan for team

Responsible for:

  • Weekly follow up with ISAs to establish and maintain best practices with Lead Management processes for contacting leads and updating systems
  • $500 weekly
  • $20 per appointment MET (not booked)
  • Work week - 4 week days plus 1 weekend day with 2 hour outbound calling on Saturday or Sunday, answering central lead line as available 7 days

Terms of Agreement:

  • Incentive will be paid for each appointment MET in person - where Agent personally completes the appointment with the lead
  • Incentive will NOT be paid for No-Show leads that Agent never makes contact with, or for scheduled leads that cancel and are non-responsive for confirmation of appointment
  • No-show leads will be transferred back to ISAs to work and reschedule
  • Cancel/Reschedule leads will be worked by the agent and rebooked
  • Incentive can be paid for old, inactive leads that become active again, are contacted by ISA and appointment booked and completed - per Manager approval
  • Hours of calling
  • 4 hours outbound calling daily - split between Mojo triple dialer Buyer leads and single dialer Seller leads
  • 1 email and/or text required after every outbound call
  • 1.5 hour inbound calling daily
  • 1 hour inbound email leads
  • 1 hour B/C lead follow up call/email/text
  • Live Answers
  • Appointments Set
  • Number booked
  • Number of appointments completed (Agent meets in person)

Schedule/Shifts - scheduled 40 hour week per ISA on-site and remote on weekends

  • ISA incoming lead line “money line” is routed to ISA cell phones 24/7
  • Standard weekday coverage should cover hours between 8:30am and 8:30pm (prime calling hours)
  • 8:30am - 5:30pm shift and 11:30am - 8:30pm, daily weekday coverage
  • Each ISA works 4 weekdays and 1 weekend day - alternating shifts week to week

Accountable for:

  • 1.5 hrs - Inbound Calls (avg. 10 - 15 calls) - most Zillow, 5 are sign calls, and the rest are Trulia,, and Agents, hangups, etc. Very few are Seller leads. Look up property, book appt. Create search, etc.
  • updating leads in FUB and creating searches (add new, update Stage, notes, appts., etc.)
  • 1 hour - Inbound email leads through website and Zillow (avg. 12 emails)
  • 4 hrs - outbound Calling to New and old Buyer and Seller leads, either manually or through Mojo triple dialer (can be done in parallel with text/email follow up and setting up searches) and continued attempts to leads not reached live or where appts were cancelled or rescheduled
  • 1 hour - follow up on Buyer B/C nurture (call, text, email) leads
  • Up to 2 extra hours daily answering inbound calls to central lead line (outside of work hours) and processing as noted above
  • .5 hr - track daily calls, emails, texts, appointments in Daily Lead Gen entry form

Accountable to:

  • Call every lead once notification of appointment is received to confirm appointment and establish rapport
  • Meet with leads at scheduled time
  • Email ISAs and Kim Nunn after each appointment to confirm appointment complete
  • Update FUB with notes on results of appointment and create task for next call/steps
  • Change Stage from Lead to ABC
  • Add ISA - Appt. Complete tag
  • Detailed notes
  • Create task or next appointment in FUB
  • For No-Shows
  • Transfer lead back to ISA for follow up
  • For Cancelled/rescheduled appointments
  • Continue to attempt to make contact daily for 10 days
  • Reschedule appointment and attend
  • Follow all steps above once contact is made
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