Buyer Agent Growth

Best Agent Business offers a monthly system to help Buyer Agents increase their production and grow.

If you are a Buyer's Agent who wants to increase your production, or a team leader who wants to help your buyer's agents do more business, our system will make it happen.

Signup today via PayPal/credit card for $99/month at

There is a minimum commitment of three months and then it is month-to-month. The buyer's agent should signup using their name and credit card.

We provide the following to help grow deals per month:

Time Management: We work with you to create a Perfect Day based on the hours per week you want to work, and the mix of days and time.

Focus on your Unique Talents: We will help you discover your unique talents, see how they relate to the roles of being a Buyer's Agent and then focus more of your time on those talents.

Meet, Call, Other: We will work out what is best mix of hours of meeting with people, calling leads, or doing other activity such as training, admin, and closing work.

Calling: You will decide whether you will be doing 0, 1, 2, or 3 hours of outbound calling to leads daily Mon-Fri using our Daily Log system. Once you decide on number and prove you are getting it done, we will give you the best possible leads to fill your calling hours. Not too many, not too few.

Lead Management: We will help you update the database. You can email, call, or fax in your notes weekly on leads and the status. We will update the database and send you a Weekly Lead Report of exactly the leads you should be calling and following up with in the coming week.

Sales Training: If you need sales training help on any topic, we will work with you and your team leader to find resources. We do not provide sales training.

Weekly Focus Call: You will have a scheduled Weekly Focus Call with your Agent Assistant to review Lead Management and move any leads back to Calling Team and balance your lead flow, tune Perfect Day for Time Management, and identify any issues with flow or company that is holding you back from top production.

  • If you call 0 hours per day, good luck!
  • If you call 1 hour per day, you will close 1 deal per month.
  • If you call 2 hours per day, you will close 2 deals per month.
  • If you call 3 hours per day, you will close 3 deals per month.
  • We have worked with hundreds of Buyer's Agents in past few years and this is our simple statement of predicted production based on calling hours. This assume the calling is done using our systems, not just having a “goal” of calling X hours per day.
  • The calling you do today, will not appear as cash in your pocket for 3-6 months based on pipeline flow of ABC leads, time to get under contract, and time for closing. Thus, if you started to call 3 hours per day in Jan, you should start to close 3 deals per month in Apr-Jun.

By having all of your buyer's agents try our system for a minimum of three months, it will help you grow your net profit:

  • We rate and evaluate your agents with an A, B, C rating based on their performance to follow the systems.
  • A Players will get the best leads and the most attention and soar even higher.
  • B Players will either work the system and improve, or ignore the system and get fewer leads.
  • C Players will be held accountable, leads will be reduced or stopped, and we will encourage you to either restructure their job roles to focus on their unique talent or fire them.
  • For your agents who are reading this, expect that the A Players will like the idea, the B Players may be hopeful or hesitant, and the C Players will likely give you a lot of push back and do everything possible to sabotage this effort and avoid being held accountable for their performance. Watch your agents reactions carefully.
  • Time Management: If someone says they want to work 40 hours per week, we will make sure they have a plan for 40 hours per week.

Buyer's Agent Growth - New Monthly System - Best Agent Business

We have an exciting new solution to help manage your Buyer's Agents and increase their deals per month.
This has been under development for the last three years of Billion Dollar Agent research and working with over 100 Buyer's Agents on small and large teams.

We advise that you require your Buyer's Agents to signup for $99/service for three month commitment and follow the system.
At the end of three months, we will have a conference call with you and agent to review the system and performance and the agent can then decide whether to continue on system or not, at their cost. This should be a requirement for all Buyer's Agents.

If they will not invest $99/month, or $300, in their own training, when you have invested thousands of dollars in leads which you are giving them for free, then they likely are not someone you want on your team. If they are already doing 2-3 deals per month, this will likely increase their production to 3-4 deals per month.

Send this link to your agent's and have them signup for the $99/service within a week.
After they signup, they should email and CC you and me to confirm signup.

Keep in touch,

Email Template - Client to Send to Agents and Staff
Buyer's Agent Growth - New Monthly System - Best Agent Business

Please forward to your agents/staff who will be involved in this effort and be sure to CC me on the email so it is easy for them to reply to all of us.

Best Agent Business - Buyer's Agent Growth - Billion Dollar Agent

We have an exciting new solution to help Buyer's Agents increase their deals per month. This has been under development for the last three years of Billion Dollar Agent research and working with over 100 Buyer's Agents on small and large teams. The time commitment is about 1 hour per week.

Buyer's Agent Growth involves a combination of the following:

  • Focus Unique Talent - define and focus on your unique talent for your daily sales activities
  • Time Management - define your Perfect Day and work to a schedule
  • Stop Wasting Leads - organize and define and call and resolve all leads to stop wasting leads

To get started, please reply with the following within one day, be specific and give one number, not a range:

  • Number of hours per week you are working going forward in time (it may be higher or lower than past few months).
  • Number of deals you closed last year.
  • Number of hours on average a buyer side deal takes from first meeting to closing including all time on phone, showings, and closing.

Your company/owner is providing this $99/month service to you as a training bonus for the first three months. You can decide whether you want to continue after three months.

Keep in touch,

Signup today via PayPal/credit card for $99/month at

Try us for 1 month or many months. No long-term contract. Just month-to-month.

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