Buyer Agent

This Page explains what a Buyer's Agent's roles and responsibilities are an how they
contribute to your Team:

Acts as your right-hand person on the team.
Makes daily calls to leads coming from multiple sources such as:

  • Your database
  • MLS property searches
  • Self generated.

There should be a minimum of 10 hours per week of calling depending on how many leads are received.
They log their daily calls by including number of dials, number of live answers,
and contact types - # of Buyer A, B, C, Lost or Dead leads.
They possess excellent follow-up skills.
They have a proven track record of converting leads to clients.
Buyer agents can do “all the above” including negotiate contract, write up offers,
and show properties.

Delegates showings to a Showing Agent - This applies if you've decided to hire agents paid on an hourly basis to show properties. See showing agent page:

Buyer Agents can also be listing agents at your discretion.

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