Agent Management - Agent Recruiting - Buyer Agent - Initial Interview

Send email to each agent with a couple of these questions and ask them to schedule a phone call with you.

  • Rate each Agent as A, B or C as you go through the interview process.
  • A - Very responsive, booked appointment with you and answered email questions
  • B - Slow to respond, does not or partially answers questions
  • C - Have to track down

Open the call with an introduction of BAB and your role. Give overview of BAB business model and 3 objectives in place to help every agent meet their goals of growing their pipeline and their business:

  • Focus unique talents
  • Delegate everything else
  • Stop Wasting Leads!

Additional information to review the business services of Best Agent Business can be found here: Best Agent Business - Business Team.

Provide overview and the goals of the project and explain that you are speaking with the Agents to gather more information on current processes and their requirements of the system. It is helpful to spend some time in the database before your call familiarizing yourself with their leads, and how they use the database. Record your findings and use this information to determine where they will need to focus to use the system properly and keep things up to date once we clean it up.

Be prepared to review the basics of Lead Management. Review the Standard Contact Types and explain the importance of a consistent and clean database across a team to be able to manage and report on status and success. Standard Contact Types can be found here: Standard Contact Types

Key Assistant - Questions that KA should be comfortable Asking

* Tell me about yourself/your **background? Previous experience?**
* What 3 adjectives would your TL/Manager use to describe you?
* What do you like about Real Estate?
* What Database do you use?
* Ask about Database if they like it or not? Why?
* **How many contacts/prospects do you have in your Sphere?**
* Where do the contacts come from Google, Facebook, phone, etc?
* **What would be the best use of 3 or 4 hours of your time?**
* How do you feel about Open houses?
* Why do you want to work with this Team?
* **How many hours are you currently working?**
* How many hours would you like to work?
* **How many transactions/deals did you close last year? How many would you like to close this year?**
* What are your goals?
* Is this what you want to be doing in the future? or What do you want to do in the future?
* What are your TL/Managers unique talents?
* What do you love about your job?
* **Do you work with only Buyers? What happens on the Seller Side?**
* What does your TL/Manager do?
* Do you have any suggestions for your TL/manager that would help you in your role?
* **Ask to Chart Perfect day (break down all work into chunks and hours of the day)?**
* Any questions?

Steve - Questions that KA may not be comfortable asking but Steve had asked on the call

* How old are you?
* Tell me about your family?
* Where are you from? (Asking Rachel about her English Accent)
* Are you insanely organized?
* How is your relationship with your TL/Mentor? (Asking Amanda if she is Nathans sister or wife)
* Why are you working 80 hrs a week?
* What are you doing with the hours when you are not showing properties?
* How many months did you work last year?
* Are you similar or different to your TL/Mentor or Significant other?
* Are you more structured then your TL/Mentor?
* Are you ADHD and or do you have DDA?

Send the following information for each interview in a separate email to Steve and copy your client. This information will be used as input into the Lead Management Plan for that team.

Agent Name:
Rating: (ABC based on responsiveness and following directions)
Date Started:
Hours Per Week:
Major Time Buckets: (summary of major areas time is split into)

Lead Summary: (summary database lead statistics and Agent description of their client base and all contacts…)

Transactions/Business Goals: (how many transactions this year and goals for next year…)

Personal/Background: (be specific and detailed)

Perfect Day:

Requirements/Opportunities: (needs, ideas, areas for improvement to be included in this Lead Management process…)

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